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If They Screw It Up...you Look Awful.

I've had botox injections a few times and it's...

I've had botox injections a few times and it's about 50/50. Sometimes there is quite an improvement but other times, if they don't inject it correctly, I look worse. I went in two weeks ago, same person that I've always gone to. My eyes are drooping unbelievably. Everyone I've seen has asked me what happened. $800 and I can't leave the house.

I won't be getting this again.


how long does the droppy eye stay for.. 8 days later not any better
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I had botox about 8 days ago. I already had reasonably droopy eyes and brows and the botox has made it much worse. My eyelids are now extremely droopy and my brows look lower as well. This is really aweful when you expect to look better. I also had flu like symptoms and high anxiety. I don't think the doctor is too interested in discussing the problem or correcting it. I'm not interested in assigning blame, but I do feel an honest explanation should be given for what went wrong. My doctor is very good at what he does, but this is the second time this has happened to me. Prior to those two times I had no problems. I'm wondering if I personally have developed antibodies or an intolerance to Botox?
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I've had botox done twice at the same location, but done by different people. The first I had it done was a great experience and I loved the results. The second time I got it done I bruised and got a pretty good size welt on the side of my left eye, and it hurts. If that happens to you put a little bit of Arnica ointment and it'll help with the swelling. If you are considering having Botox injections make sure you get an experienced person, otherwise you may end up with a couple of bruises - but the end result is great.
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They are hit or miss. Sometimes you go in there and they don't seem to be paying any attention to what they're doing.

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