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I live in Charleston SC an I want to have...

I live in Charleston SC an I want to have cellulaze done to my arms, thighs, & buttock. I would like to have the procedure done at home but, more importantly I want to make sure I am using the best doctor for this procedure so that I will get best result because my cellulite is pretty severe. Can anyone help me here? I need to see patients with severe cellulite from the knee up before and after pics. (Yes I look a mess!) Also what did it cost you? What areas did you have done for that price? Would you recommend this Doc. Honest opinions please. I want the good and the ugly.
I just had it done yesterday. I highly recommend my doctor in Wilmington, NC. I can't speak to the results yet, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as painful as I had prepared for. If I improve AT ALL, I will be happy. Good luck. Look up Dr. Fazil Mohamed.
Don't do it and SAVE YOUR $$ is my VERY HONEST opinion!!!! Unless you are rich enough to want to pay for literally experimental treatment!!!
Wishful, have you had the procedure done yourself?
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