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Great Radiesse Result Thus Far

I had Radiesse injections two days ago including...

I had Radiesse injections two days ago including cheek implants and injections to nose to mouth and marionette lines. I had been looking at a mid-face lift but decided to try this first. I am 54 and have good skin with small pores and nice textures. But those lines just kept on coming.

My doctor injected me with plenty of lidocaine and I am glad he did. Even with the numbing, the Radiesse injections were uncomfortable. I following his after care instructions to the letter and iced all afternoon following the procedure. He advised against exercise for 72 hours - that has been the greatest sacrifice! I have what I consider minimal bruising and taken a total of 4 ibuprofen since the procedure.

I think the results are great thus far. My goal was to reduce the lines around my face and mouth and that is exactly what I've gotten. I look forward to seeing how my face looks after a week.

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I asked the doctor for references of other patients.

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I think the results were good. I got Radiesse in the lines around my lips, but I don't think it's worth it because 7 months later all the lines are back. Too expensive for how long the results last. Plus I was seriously swollen for weeks after the injections.
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