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I am over 7 years post op and if I had it to do...

I am over 7 years post op and if I had it to do again, I wouldn't. Besides emergency gall bladder surgery 6 months out, it was pretty smooth sailing for 2 years. Then the complications began and the last 5 years have been tough. I lost 140lbs and have maintained withing a 10lb range with little effort. However, I still have the classic early dumping syndrome to this day, and now have late onset dumping syndrome as well which has brought me to the er in an ambulance with life threatening blood sugar levels (low). I have to give myself prescribed B12 shots every month. I used to only have to do it every 2 months but my malabsorption syndrome has progressed over the years. Despite taking a good over the counter multi-vitamin, calcium, iron and vitamin d, I still have to go on massive doses of prescription iron and vitamin d a few times a year now. I have struggled with ulcers as well. I have had ulcers with no H. Pylori 6 times now in the last 5 years so now I have had to add prescription Prilosec to my medication list.

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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I'm so sorry you've had such complications.

Does the dumping syndrome affect you only if you eat high fat/high sugar foods, or is it with everything you eat?

Although Gastric Bypass is a malabsorbative procedure, I wasn't aware that it could progress over time. That must be distressing for you, not knowing if it will get worse or not in the future.

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