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Blepharoplasty: I Can See!

Bleph surgery took years off. the skin above my...

bleph surgery took years off. the skin above my eyes finally responded to all the sun worshipping I've done, and just fell. It was really awful - I had to hold it up just to put eye shadow on.  No scars, nothing to show that it was done either - just looks like I used to look.

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I am interested in having this procedure done and I live near Bellevue. Could you please tell me who performed your surgery? Thanks!
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Hi, Who did your eye surgery. I am interested in having it done.
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Hi~so nice to see this page. May i get your contact details as well~cos im going to do a eyelid surgery as well ans im in WA tooooo~please~~~~
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Hello, was wondering if you are still happy with your eye surgery results and if you could give me the contact details of the surgeon you used. Thanks
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