I Can See a Lump After Lower Bleph Surgery, Anyone else Had This Happen?

I had laser transconjunctival blephoplasty 2.5...

I had laser transconjunctival blephoplasty 2.5 weeks ago and upper and lower laser skin resurfacing to remove fat pads which were caused bags and wrinkles. I am thrilled with the result however now that most of the swelling had gone done, i can see and feel a lump on my left lower eyelid, about the size of a rice grain where the incision was made.(Being laser surgery, incision from the inside which i prefered)

I went back for a check up and the surgeon suggested i wait another 2 weeks to see if there any changes. He also suggested that sometimes where the incision was made, it may cause scar tissue, hence the lump.

Apparently to get rid of this there is a simple procedure that involves an injection in that area...ouch!

DF can you name your surgeon? I am booked for upper & lower on thursday
DF, I had stitches not laser. I had the same "Rice bump" that you did and with "eye massages" making my eyes chinese and massaging the rice bump, it went away, I see no indication of it what so ever. I think 5 weeks is a long time.I still have black eyes.
Hi Dee2b, put your mind to rest...it will slowly go away. The massages have helped, so thankyou. Today i had another follow up check up and my Doctor noticed it has decreased to half the size before i even mentioned it to him. It has now been almost 6 weeks since i had the surgery and only in the last 1.5 wk or so, have i noticed any real changes. The lump has also began to soften and is not as obvious to feel or see...but still sort of there. I can deal with it much easier. I also had the question answered by 2 Doctors on this site and they both said the same thing as my Doc. It is common as the joining of the wound is still a "wound" and that it must heal first, and that it is still early for final perfect results. It can take months. When I look back, 2 weeks is really fresh still to see huge results. Did You have laser or stitches. I'm not sure what you mean by muscle excersises? Let me know how you go!
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Every staff member were "very" helpful and friendly. The surgeon is very patient and informative. Easily gained my trust.

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