I Finally Have a Flat Tummy

I have always been near the same weight, a little...

I have always been near the same weight, a little too much in the belly and a fat bottom. But in the past five to seven years the weight had began to droop more, so I was the same weight on the scale but I was starting to get an apron of fat extending below my waistline. I couldn’t stand that. Then my hips started to sag over too and that was it – “enough’s enough!” – time to talk to a plastic surgeon.

My boss recommended my surgeon to me. She overheard that I was looking into plastic surgery and told me she had gotten her nose done. Since I had never noticed it on her, I figured that was as good an endorsement as any and ended up picking her surgeon over one or two others.

I am now two weeks post-op and liking my results so far. I ended up getting a tummy tuck along with lipo and lifts to my abs, hips, and butt. It sounds like a lot but it was worth fixing every little niggling thing while I was under the knife.

The resulting scar is huge and wraps almost all the way around my body. Someone said to me on a message board, “How can you wear a bikini with that?” but the truth is I wasn’t going to wear a bikini the way I looked before either! I’m much happier to not have the weight and the sagging skin there!

I am withholding judgment on my tummy tuck until it heals completely, and it may be up to a year before I get the full effect. But I have dreamt of a flat tummy for years and I finally have it now!


I too would like to know the name of your doctor, and what the cost all included. Thanks!
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Best on in St Louis is Dr. mcGuire and parkcrest plastic surgery.
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I am in the St. Louis area and am also interested in your surgeon for a Tummy Tuck. Did you have the surgery in a hospital or surgery center? Did the $5000 cover just the cost of the surgeon or include the lipo? What were the costs of the hopital(or surgery center),anethesiologist,etc.? Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience.
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