Hyperpigmentation from Lazer Treatments!!!

Please don't do the lazer treatments on your face!...

Please don't do the lazer treatments on your face! I went in for lazer hair removal above my lip and suffered PIH and now hyperpigmentation that is worse than ever. The doctors said that time would make it better but the procedure was in May of 2006!!!! Went to different Derm to try to correct the hyperpigmentation and he did a test spot on my left cheek which was spot free from any pigmenatation and now I have PIH hyperpigmentation in a large shape of a rectangle due to the lazer he used. First lazer was called gentle lase and the second was the fraxel!!!!

I never had to wear make up now nothing cover it!! I have spent thousands of dollars in topicals from the derm and make up to make it better but nothing makes it go away! Please help!!! Has anyone found an answer?


Hello, I am a licensed aesthetic nurse and laser safety officer. I would recommend Cosmelan to all of you. It is a high concentration of hydroquinone and beta hydroxyacid facial peel that is truly fantastic for people with your problems. It is from a company called Mesoestetic in California, and is available only by Rx through a dermatologist or medispa. It works very well, but it isn't cheap--approx $750-$1000 for the treatment, but it is a one time treatment. It is not one of those series of treatments, so no need to go back multiple times for it to work. Good luck!!
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Hi I have an appointment with the most experienced laser dermatologist in my country in november. This guy has a nine month waiting list. I will keep you updated on what he suggests.
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I have faced the same problem. Had laser hair removal for my upper lip a few years ago, and since then have had an uggly dark area there, looks like a painted mustache. I tried Triluma with no success. Don't know where to turn...Please, help!!!!
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please just keep waxing that's what I should have done now I have a shaded mustache!!!!!!!!!

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