I Am 19 Going to College

I want to do the hyperhidrosis treatment because...

I want to do the hyperhidrosis treatment because it has kept me from doing more that I want. As I type right now I can feel my hands sweating I want to live a palm sweat free life. it's not too much to ask for. but it cost way too much considering college expenses. I know its heredity because my uncle and grandpa have it, my feet also sweat and I can't wear sandals. who can I contact about this.
Hang in there. My feet sweat so bad that until they literally start to drip. I cannot wear sandals or walk around without socks. It's humiliating. My doc just prescribed Robinul and I will try it today. I've tried everything with little to no success, even ETS surgery.
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Hyperhidrosis of Hands and Feet

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