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Young American - Hyde Park, FL

This is my first treatment and just like others...

This is my first treatment and just like others have stated, it was painful. I have scars from acne since I am a picker and cannot stand to see or feel any bumps on my face. I wasn't really sure about this treatment since I have a darker skin tone, and I didn't want to be burnt. So far, so good. Just a little swelling but that eventually went down after a couple of days. I have been having bad outbreaks, but nothing makeup can't cover.

I was also prescribed antibiotics to help with the outbreaks, and I guess it's working. My doctor said I should see a change in about 3-4 weeks and I would need to have at least 2 more treatments until all the scarring has gone away. My doctor also used the numbing cream and went over my entire face 4 times. I only tried fraxel because I was tired of spending my money on high prescription creams, facials and chemical peels that weren't giving me the results I wanted.

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I'm a light-skinned African American. I'm a little scared of adverse effects that I may be susceptible to because of my dark skin. Did you experience any pigmentation issues after the scabs fell off. Please post more pictures. Thanks for your post.
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Hi, which Fraxel did you do? Repair or Restore or Dual?
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Thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Breakouts are normal after this process and eventually stop.  

Please update us as you heal form this treatment as well as the upcoming treatments.

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