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I had 350cc gel overs 4 weeks ago and now when I...

I had 350cc gel overs 4 weeks ago and now when I lay flat they both move to the side near my pitts and when I bend over they really hang... I love them but not when I am lying flat on my back they look gross.. Not sure if this is normal?? They didn't do this in the beginning.. And yes they do look more natural but I didn't pay all this money for my boobs to flop around like that.. Also my scar on my left breast is 2 inches larger than on my right.. I don't see my doc for 2 more months and im not sure if I should make an appt if this is normal?? I am so stressed out over this

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I love my doc and hope this is normal

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Who was your dr?
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Dr Laurence goldstein
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I hope all is good for you !!
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I hope your doing good and all is well!
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You have to up-load to your email address(your personal email) then send all the photos to a file by I belive right clicking it will say move to a folder or start a folder, then once the pic's are in the folder then go to this site and hit up load I think, you will find them. I'm pretty this is right, it's so hard not doing it while typing. haha I'm sure you look great!! don't stress it's not good at this time. Just ask alot of questions at your appointment. My boobs were squeeking when I would move my arms for days. It went away during the drop down as the swelling went down. Idk. becareful just ask it doesn't hurt. My dr. said this was normal with Silicone Gel it's because your so swollen and they are trying to move. haha this boob thing is all new to me I was flat as a pancake.
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I'm sorry this is happening. If you have a concern about your implants, by all means call your doctor today. Here's what some doctors say about implants that slide toward your armpits (sounds like your pockets may have been widened too much).

Here are some quick instructions on posting photos.

Please keep us posted and let us know what your surgeon says.

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