Hurt, Hurt, Hurt

Had mine done in Pensacola. The doctor is nice and...

Had mine done in Pensacola. The doctor is nice and seems to be on the up and up.
However -- I was given nothing for pain before the procedure except for the mouth block and the shots around the forehead area. No sedative, no tylenol. No anti-anxiety.

You really do need that. Seriously. I don't know why he didn't give it to me, but the procedure was extremely painful except for the part around the mouth (the block really did work). The shots around the face may have numbed it a bit but It was excrutiating.

This was just done this morning. Tonight, I am sore and red. I look terrible. But I emphasize that is nothing compared to the procedure for me. I've been given a script for pain killers, and I'm taking them. They seem to do the trick for me at this point.
There is no way I will be out of this house for many days. I really do look like a burn victim.

I hope this helps my acne scarring and pigmentation. We will see.


would you tell me your Dr names??? plz im think too do this and im from Pensacola ,fl .Thanks
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here is my three-month update. My scarring is about the same, and my pigmentation is much worse. Either something was done wrong or the procedure was the wrong one for me. I would not recomment this procedure for pigmentation. I can't decide if it was done too deeply or not deep enough -- to bring out all this new pigmentation.
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It's been 11 days now since my laser procedure. To clarify, my scarring wasn't bad enough to begin with to warrant all the pain the day entailed, let alone the very uncomfortable first week. Of course there are no noticable benefits at this point, and I hope there will be in a few mos. Still, I advise this type of procedure for those who are willing to endure major pain -- or get their doctor to give them pain meds in advance -- which my dr. refused to do.
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