Laser Tattoo Removal on Ankle

I have a fairly small tigger tattoo on my ankle...

I have a fairly small tigger tattoo on my ankle that I have had for approximately 10 years. The colors were dark black outline with dark reddish/orange body and white belly. I am having it laser removed.

I have completed my 1st session and there was very little pain. The Dr. injected the sight quite a bit to numb it. I have seen a great amount of fading after only 1 treatment. I go back April 15th after six weeks of healing for my 2nd session. I can't wait to see the results after it.

I will update pictures afterward. I think so far it is well worth it.

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Photo Update


what doctor did you go to?
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So, how does it look like? Did get better? Is it gone? I am considering remove mine but I am very afraid of getting a scar instead a tatto! Could you kindly update us? Do you have new pics? Thanks
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Can you tell me what type of laser the doctor used? I am interested in having mine removed but it is much larger than yours and placed on my lower back! OUCH!
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