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Full Facial Rejuvenation - Swelling All over and Eyes Look Weird

I wanted in improve my appearance (sagging skin,...

I wanted in improve my appearance (sagging skin, eyelids, and wrinkles around my mouth, and frownlines between my eyebrows.

I think it may be too soon for pros. Cons I have lots of swelling going on, my eyes look weird, and I look strange all over. I have to go back to work next week.


I remember the ear sensitivity well! Does make sleeping on your side difficult. I got a piece of foam rubber and cut a circle out of the center, put that on top of my pillow and slept on it so my ear wasn't touching the pillow. Helped. Your swelling will continue to go down as time goes on. You are past the worst now!
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Thank you for responding. I appreciate it. The swelling is actually getting better. I still have several open areas around my ears and several places on my head. Will go see the doctor next week so I hope it will heal real soon. I believe once all the open areas have healed the swelling will get better. How long did your ear sensitivity last? I am now 35 days post op. Any insights/feedback is helpful. Thank you
I wish I could remember how long it lasted. But nerves heal at their own sweet time. Probably will be much better for you in another month.

I had a full facial rejuvination and am 25 days...

I had a full facial rejuvination and am 25 days post-op. I have a lot of swelling all over my face, neck, eyes, and forehead (in particular around the incision sites. My ears are hurting to the touch and are extremely sensitive. I can not get rest due to the sensitivity of my ears, I average about 5 hours of sleep a night. How long until the swelling will go away? I mean I just look very distorted, my eyes look weird. I look swollen and strange (even to someone that does not know me). Any insights and/or encouragement anyone has for me.


It's been about 10 years since I had a lower face lift by a fantastic doctor. Loved the results, etc. but hate to tell you...I could not let anyone touch my ears for at least 3 years. I could sleep on them after a while but when it came to my hairdresser, I had to come my hair out, told the wash woman to please not rub on my ears and this also went for when I would get massages. I always told them to not get near my ears. Today it doesn't bother me but the sensitivty lasted for years. Hope this answer helps.
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Meanwhile I am 45 days post op and things are looking much better. Still quite a bit of swelling, but much better. Ears are still sore, but are also getting better. Lots of numbness, but learning to deal with it. I am starting to look nice now. I was just too impatient and never expected the healing process to take this long. I do appreciate your reply it really helps. Thanks A Million
I am at 3 1/2 weeks post op. I know absolutely for certain that I wouldn't have some of my procedures done if I could go back in time. I am thankful that I don't have real complications like some people do. Like you, I am learning to "deal with" some of the issues, but this whole thing is more risky, emotional, and takes much longer to heal than surgeons would lead us to believe.
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