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Had botox on my frown area 5/6 weeks ago and...

Had botox on my frown area 5/6 weeks ago and pretty happy with results but 1 week ago I am noticing a sudden contraction in my forehead and it is getting to be more often........unless I massage it for a while it won't go away and my skin in that area wrinkles, like a muscle this related to botox?? please inform

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not sure if treatment was good yet

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HI Huntsvillleneighbor, 

Thanks for the review. I can understand how you are undecided so far about your review I would be too. Have you had a follow up with your doctor? You also might want to check out the answers to the question, Muscle Spasm and Regained Movement After Botox, from our Dr Q&A it might help. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this, but please keep us updated.



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