Can Feel my Breast Implant Inside Me: Swollen and Uncomfortable

I chose to have breast augmentation to enlarge my...

I chose to have breast augmentation to enlarge my breast. I was happy with my body, I just wanted slightly larger breast. I started off as a 34 B and now I'm a 34 D. I have silicon gel implants. The day aftery post op I started to experience discomfort in my left breast. I assumed it was from caring my purse.

I noticed during my breast massaging I could actual feel the implant in my left side when I performed these massages, I could also here my implant make a sweaking sound. At first it was just uucomfortable. When I adjust myself when sitting I feel the implant move. My breast have a nice shape and stay in place. Now my left breast is swollen, tender and more uncomfortable then before.

I had breast augmentation dec 17 2009. One wk later I started to experience discomfort in my left breast. I could feel the implant inside me and when I did my breast massages I can hear the implant moving. My breast is now swollen, firmer than the right side and sensitive. The pain is not unbareable, however it is extremely uncomfortable. I'm worried it may be something serious. Should I continue my breast massages or hold off until I reach my doctor? Does it sound like something serious?


You should be concerned if the breast is considerably larger on one side. This can be due to a slow bleed in the pocket giving you a "hematoma" or it may be fluid without blood which is called a "seroma". In either case it needs to be drained otherwise you may end up with a contracture on that side. This is when the scar tissue encapsulates around the implant. It can also be secondary to an infection or early encapsulation for unknown reasons. In any case you should report this immediately to your physician and if you can't reach him find someone else in your area.
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STOP massaging. it does nothing. you are describing a hematoma or a seroma. SEE YOUR PLASTIC SURGEON IMMEDIATELY. Need a sonogram or MRI today
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