Agonizing Non-stop Pain...the Joys of Relief No Where in Sight - Huntington Beach, CA

Love the result super happy with my white teeth.....

Love the result super happy with my white teeth...never will do it again!!!!!
I had the zoom done yesterday (Three 15 min sessions). The first two sessions went well but the third, Oh Man! I felt those zingers nothing to bad, at first. When I got home the zingers worsened and when I mean worsened, I mean rip the teeth out of your mouth zingers. I couldn't walk or talk I could only scream and cry. At one point my husband had to restrain me and hold me down because I started to brake things. I felt the pain would never end after 13 hours the pain has become tolerable.
History: I have very sensitive teeth I tried crest white strips only made it through one strip and was in pain. If your a person with sensitive teeth run away from the zoom.
There are mixed reviews with the zoom ranging from no pain to agonizing. I can handle pain I've had all sorts of stomach conditions and surgeries for it, zoom was more painful. Nothing will kill the pain not evened ovation


I'm so sorry to hear you did Zoom if you have sensitive teeth. :( I can only imagine how uncomfortable that must have been. I have somewhat sensitive teeth as well, and although I think Zoom is an amazing procedure I'm too scared to try it for that very reason. I am glad to hear you got good whitening results. At least you get to enjoy a super white smile for what you endured.

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My dentist is one of the most wonderful dentist out there and the zoom was done wonderfully. I however have sensitive teeth so the experience was horrible!

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