Downsizing with Local 11mos Later

My original plastic surgeon recommended 300-400...

My original plastic surgeon recommended 300-400 range, but suggested 350cc's. Coordinator pushed for 400's. I got caught up in hype so requested 450's on day of surgery!

Since day one I've been miserable and seeking non-stop advise from PS on Real Self, JBI, and in person. No one could tell me what I needed to know until last month. Finally I learned that I'm so uncomfortable because the implant was so large that 1/3 of it was sitting inside the pectoralis muscle.

When I flexed the implant moved into my armpits. They were so massive that they touched my biceps when my arms were at rest! Turns out not only did I go too big, but I'm actually a very petite framed person. The 450's made me look like a stripper, but the 400's would have too. Even the 350's would have been too much like melons. I chose 300's in surgery bc it was still a boob and so pretty.

Doing surgery w Local was bearable. Because of this method I saw that the 300's were perfect! I would have chosen 350's had I chosen before surgery. I cried tears of joy when he took those massive things out. Now that they gone I can appreciate how small I am and how large those were on me.

The 450's made me a DD, the 300's make me a 32C/D. Because they implants 32D too big, 32C too small so I bought 34C. Start point was 32A. Chose silicone HP both times.

Found my new PS through a referral from one of my patients. I'm a Dental Hygienist so my massive implants made me very uncomfortable throughout the day. As summer sneaks up on us, I couldn't imagine sweating like a pig w those massive implants attached to my chest. I wanted them out before the heat wave approached.

I've never had children and always been in shape so this PS said he was completely confident that I'd snap right back. At first my breasts were gushy but 48hrs later they firmed and at end of week one they were two perfect balls on my chest!

My new plastic surgeon is MAGIC. I wanted to downsize, yet he was ONLY surgeon who took the time to explain that I was uncomfortable bc implant was too large for breast envelope. In pre op, whenever I started to ask him uneducated questions he'd stop me. And when I was irrational he'd set me straight. I started freaking out about sizes he firmly reminded me we'd decide in surgery (xchange w Local). In surgery I instantly knew which size. After surgery I thot I wanted big ones back. His staff entertained my thots and played along knowing it was not the real me talking. Both he and his wonderful staff knew that if they said right I'd say left. They knew I was mentally adjusting.

I then realized how irrational I was being and for first time saw that I looked great. My new doctor is brilliant. He freed my body & mind. It is a miracle I found him. Nothing he says or does is random. He sees the big picture and had faith in me. He literally changed my life during that one hour surgery. I'm me again!

I'm one week post op and feel so amazing and they've instantly firmed up! Unbelievable. I wish I knew that downsizing ASAP is the best. I feel taller lighter happier. My life has taken a 180. There's a new aura around me. The artificial one is gone. I can look strangers in the eyes and say "look at me". My confidence has skyrocketed. It's insane how high I feel now.

I really do feel like I've grown a foot and lost 10lbs. My strut is back. I remember saying that I don't feel like I even walk the same and it's true! I even walk different now! People are looking at me and I'm looking back at them with a smile. The nightmare is over and it just keeps getting better. PS said I can ride exercise bike for this week then next week I'm cleared for real exercise. I'm complete! For any girl that feels too big are too big! These new implants feel like me! You body knows if you made the right decision


Mine are in the breast envelope where they belong not in my pec where they only get in my way and make me feel fat! My original surgeon said 350's but 300's are a full C in me so really choose well the second time around. I think bc HP have a lot of projection so you can go down in cc's and still have boobs. You won't disappear I promise. Today mine looked pow! It's insane. The benefits of downsizing keep on coming and yes so glad I don't have to sweat and suffer this summer w those massive boobs
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Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! I can practically feel your relief. You look so perfectly proportionate now. Sorry you had to suffer for so long. I hope this will inspire other women who are uncomfortable with their implants to revisit their situation. Let us know how different it feels when you start exercising and doing gymnastics again!

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Last night was first bike ride and all I can say is that the moon and stars aligned for me bc I am complete! So happy and healthy physically and mentally. All I can say is that if you feel too big you are too big.

I'm back to working out and feeling like the old...

I'm back to working out and feeling like the old me. No more pain and suffering. I don't cry anymore and they don't scrare me. I am considering complete explant as I am not sure I like low I look w breasts but I will keep them for a little while and let my mind rest before I make that decision. For the next couple of months I will rest my brain and exercise my body


Omg u look soo good! Congrats :-)
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You didn't need a lift? I have 500 cc and am thinking of downsizing to somewhere in the 300's but afraid I will need a lift, or be too stretched out and saggy. I got my surgery done in september 2011
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I'm 43yrs old and within 48hrs of surgery my breasts were shaping up! At end of week one they were two perfect globes. I wish I had just explanted. Now I'm inspired to explant if I can't live w these as I was happier flat chested. Go for it girl!

Before surgery I thought half way between 450 and...

Before surgery I thought half way between 450 and 300 would be a good size but in surgery I chose 300's. I spoke w coordinator today, told her that the 300's are very understated. She agreed that middle size or larger would have been a good choice. Take the edge off the 450's w 400's or go w 375, 350. Either way she said Dr would work w me if I want to upsize. I'm thinking 350, 375 since 400 would be too close to 450's which were too uncomfortable. I'm saving for redo since 300's disappear in clothes and lack upper pole.


Actually I think the range allows for small differences up or down. You'll only have an issue if you go way too far above BWD. However, some girls don't mind it

Spoke w my Coordinator re: size. She confirmed...

Spoke w my Coordinator re: size. She confirmed that if I want to go up 50cc in future that fine. I do love the 300's. everything has pluses and minuses so if I really feel like thy don't show up in clothes I can change them but perhaps just wearing tighter plunging things will work. I got forlorn for the big ones when I saw pics but then I remembered how uncomfortable they made me. I'm so much happier now and filled w confidence. I'd never go above 350! So glad I found Dr Doan

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Spoke w my Coordinator re: size. She confirmed...

Spoke w my Coordinator re: size. She confirmed that if I want to go up 50cc in future that fine. I do love the 300's. everything has pluses and minuses so if I really feel like thy don't show up in clothes I can change them but perhaps just wearing tighter plunging things will work. I got forlorn for the big ones when I saw pics but then I remembered how uncomfortable they made me. I'm so much happier now and filled w confidence. Ill never go back to the 400 range!


I can see how you're still oscillating between happiness with your size, explanting, and longing for a tad larger. I guess that's an OK place to "live" because most of the surgeons on here say that although a lot of women wish they would have gone larger, they are overall much happier than the women who went too large:) The important thing is that your breasts are beautiful and perfect and they don't make you uncomfortable anymore! I know what you mean about the upper pole fullness, I like that look too, even tho it seems that surgeons generally prefer the look of the mod, or mod+. I guess it's good because that's what Im gonna get with the Extra highs, lol! When I tried on the 360 sizers in the office, they measured 35" around the nipple (with clothing and a bra) on the outside so they will be smaller than that on the inside under the muscle. I hope they turn out ok. My pre op is tomorrow so I will talk to him about it again then:) Thanks for talking with me!
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Ok, so I finally got to my PS and my BWD is 10.4 & 10.8 (tiny). The largest he will go is the 360CC Allergan extra high profile, as those are 10.8. He said he would prefer to go smaller, 320ccs, but I love my 350 rice sizers and I'm afraid once they are under the muscle I will be disappointed with the 320s. Even 360 will be smaller once they are in, BUT, I feel good about that because I am confident that they will not be too big for my taste. I would like to end up a D cup (which really looks like most people think of as a C cup on an average size lady since my band size is 30"). It's so hard to predict what they are going to look like ahead of's keeping me awake at night, lol! Seeing your perfect result and hearing how happy you are makes me feel much better, tho!
I measure 35" at nipple. Ribcage is 28.5" my original ps said 350's but 300's are a C cup so the 350's would for sure be a D. I was a full DD with 450's. so uncomfortable and hard to fit into clothes and bras. I'd like a little more fullness so I'd like the 350's but these 300's have their own magic. I think they are so pretty and make me look so perfect. If you want BAM then go up 50cc. I'd love a little more fullness to drive the guys crazy.

I feel amazing. Dr Doan gave me my life back! He...

I feel amazing. Dr Doan gave me my life back! He had a real interest in my dilemma. The other plastic surgeons said it was in my head but the big ones hurt my body and I truly suffered day in and day out bc they were so uncomfortable. Now I can appreciate the benefits if plastic surgery and breast augmentation.


I'm a dental hygienist also! I just got 350cc HP last week and I'm nervous to see if they are going to be too big on me! I hope not
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They are not big. I've had big and these are not big! They squish down super flat and dress up really pretty too. We have similar stats and I'm a small C so you will prob be a full C
I'm happy! They are so pretty naked. The big ones looked freaky and hurt my body. My skin was tenting and being pulled so bad. It was awful. I don't ever want to go back there. My energy is back! I thought I was getting old but the big ones were weighting me down.

2mos later

I definitely have been bit by the "boobie bug" bc I want more cc's. I miss how my bigger ones had more fullness. I think these are pretty but they don't show up in clothes. I'm gonna wait til end of summer to make a decision. I miss the attention too! Ill add pics soon


The 300s looks great on you! If it were me, I wouldn't redo them for 50cc's. it's just a couple tablespoons.
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Thanks Jenny. Although a little more would be nice I think ill just keep these since they are perky and won't ever droop. They do posess their own beauty. I just have to wear tighter clothes! Thanks for not leaning toward bigger is better side. I do like the fullness of larger but the really big ones hurt and I need a mental break from plastic surgery

Revision to upsize soon

Although small implants are comfortable I'd like to have them bigger. I miss the wow factor. They are nice but lack the fullness in shirts. My PS said he'd upsize me at end of summer. Dr Dian did an amazing scar revision. I am no longer in daily pain. I had keloid hypertrophic scars that were extremely painful


You still checking this? ;) I went with 325 cc silicone and feel massive. I'm 8-9 days post op and feel like it may not be sooo obvious in clothing, but I wanted to hide this from everyone. Who am I kidding!!! I was thinking of going back to either -a) explant or b) go to 225 cc - just to have some nice chest, but not be a size D! Wanted an update on how you are feeling now that you downsized - did you do silicone? I am 5"6, same age as you, 123 lbs. widish hips after 4 babies, but very narrow shoulders, skinny arms, legs. Hope you're well ;)
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hi randomchick, im athletic and very small boned/petite. My chest is only about 11' across. I think you are making a rash decision here. I've been big, flat and in between from my experience can tell you that the 300's are perfect for my body. In fact, the only reason I am going bigger is because they don't really show up in clothes and I want more upper pole. I've paid $10K so I don't want to wear push up bras. I have to save up a little more money for this surgery bc I still was working on paying off the other surgery! I wish I had just left the 450's. I had a bad scarring condition which made me have a lot of pain every day. Doan revised my scar and now I have no pain but long for my curves back. Everyone thought they looked great except me. I hope my experience helps. I think 325 is small and if you go to the 200 range they will look like tennis balls. Have you looked at them on the table? omg the 225's are way too narrow and flat
Baaah, who wouldn't love to look like that...!
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perspective has changed with time

The daily pain I endured from my scarring condition made me miserable. I should have just had the scar revised and left the implants alone. Now that the scar is not painful I miss my curves. The 300's are comfortable and I don't need a bra. There was not stretch marks or loss of elasticity. The PS said he's upsize me. Its funny that before 450's seemed so big but now that I've downsized I realize they not so big. The 400's look small to me, so now I'm considering 425-450's bc Allergans are narrower in diameter so their 450's are 12.4cm whereas my mentors were 12.8cm which is the diameter of an Allergan 500cc; therefore, I may be fine with Allergans 450's. I almost have the money saved up after paying down the last surgery. I will update when I revise my surgery


I actually getting 450cc hp mentor silicone implants & I weigh 102 lbs and im 5'2'', I hope mine turn out as pretty as yours when they were 450 hp, I showed my boyfriend, & he says they look amazing & I agree they do look amazing :D I love the look of big boobs (:
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Hi Pink, I'm no expert but one thing I can tell you is that when you are small framed (ideal body type for implants I think) and you go 50cc over largest size plastic surgeon recommends it makes a huge difference in upper pole and really gave the wow factor. I could On my way! a room when I walked in and felt sorry for the other girls bc they looked like wallflowers. I'm only joking of course but when I looked down I just couldn't help but say wow they are gorgeous. I had such fabulous results that most surgeons didn't want to reduce me. I downsized bc I was uncomfortable and worried about over stretching tissues. Whatever you do don't go w Allergan for the 450's. Part of what made them pretty was the width to projection. Good luck keep me posted
The plastic surgeon gave me the measurements. I think 12 or 12.4 is fine since my BWD is 11.7.
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Revision to 300

I love being smaller and natural. I like that they look perfect for my body and I can wear super low cut tops. My favorite thing is to go braless in my cotton Lily Pulitzer pajamas.


Thank you for your updated photos. You look great! Glad to hear you feel great too!

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So you downsized and you are revising again?
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I got a little crazy in my head bc I had so much attention from big ones but I'm over it. What I've learned is that the really big ones were pretty but uncomfortable and the small ones are really pretty and unbelievably comfortable but anything in between would have been a mistake.

Comfort and longevity vs looks

I really wish coordinators would be the voice of reason playing devils advocate, but I also know that some women just throw caution to the wind and have their mind made up ...myself included. I didn't choose a style that would fit my body and lifestyle. I listened to others around me and ended up ruining a year plus of my life.


Recovery was 3days. Two days rough then fine
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Thank you for your answer. What I am really worried about is the recovery, I hope it will be easier than a for a BA because I can take only 4 days off from work...I am set on 300cc and don't want more cc's because I had 300cc before my revision and I have major regrets as I have realized the size was perfect and I want it back.....I think 350cc would still be a little too big for me as I am very small with an athletic frame and those huge balls on my chest looks ridiculous...and I know how 300cc was looking so I prefer going back to that size ...I think they also look perfect on you, alot sexier than the big ones :)
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One more question: did you find the recovery easier after downsizing than after your BA?
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Kind of sad

Happy to not have complications but miss my larger implants. My life was just too out of control boyfriend to help me co

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No boyfriend to help me cope and a stressful career job. It just wasn't right time for me. I would like to go bigger down the road when my life more stable.


I think you have great results! look so natural and suits you. Did you find when you dropped the size you didnt have any of that flex problem going on anymore?
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Nope that disappeared but now I wish I'd gone bigger. Perhaps next year :)
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Referral from a patient at my work in Fresno who had already done a background check on him. She and her mother had work done by him. Breast aug and tummy tuck. Very happy w outcome. My surgeon included his resume in the patient info packet.

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