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I Would Do It Again! Great Results-very Happy!

I was very unhappy with my face. I had a saggy...

I was very unhappy with my face. I had a saggy neck and baggy jowls. I looked older than I really was (53).

I have looked at all the results of some and most of them are very good. I noticed that some of the younger people did not, get the results they may have wanted. I don't think this procedure is for people that young. Your result are not substantial.

I have nothing but great things to say for my Doctor and his staff. Everyone was helpful and friendly and I felt like part of the family when I had my last visit. I had my procedure in 10/09.

Did I have post operative pain??...Yes, it is surgery!!! Yes, there was brusing and swelling and I was sore. But with the medication they gave me, I was comfortable.

It did take longer than I anticipated to heal as much as I wanted to but it takes however much time it takes to heal. Everyone is a little different.

If you are unhappy with your face, look into it. I did and I have absolutely no regrets and when you see my picture, you will know why.

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon

Be sure you check on the qualifications of your doctor. Some facilities may not have Board Certified Dr. doing your work. My doctor is double board certified.

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Thank-you for sharing your story. I'm going to be 52 in a month and now feeling like this will be in my future. So it's time for me to look things over in this area.
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You look great. Congratulations on such good results.
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I didn't have any work done on my cheeks so that must have been another procedure. Just under my neck and ears.But no scar tissue build up. Ultrasound treatment? Is that for the scar tissue build up?
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Thanks for the reply. So, October is when you had surgery? do you have any underlying scar tissue build up? I thought it was just swelling in my cheeks, but Dr says its scar tissue build up. Kind of alarming, he said just to massage it. I go in twice a week for ultrasound treatments. (not sure if they are working)I'm almost at 4 weeks..
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I feel my neck was similar to yours with the fair skin etc. I am at 3 weeks after and I have the profile I wanted. However I have a pulled look, my Dr says every week I am doing fine! Still the swollen muscles are probably causing me to look weird. How long did yours take to look good in public? I have that rubberband feeling around my neck to my ears. Your after picture was how many weeks after? Am I being impatient?
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My picture was about 6 weeks after the surgery. It's still a little early for you to be 100%. You will have that rubberband feeling for some tim, perhaps months but I promise it does go away. I personally would be glad it feels tight because you don't have to worry about something sagging as you heal.
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WOWWW, you look GREAT. You go girl!!!
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Thank you! I'm happy!
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