I Was Born with Sagging Breasts. At Least That's What It Feels Like - Hungary, Europe

I have just turned 40, I lead an active life, but...

I have just turned 40, I lead an active life, but as you all know sports is no cure for sagging breasts. I am going to have the operation in Europe, still looking for the ideal surgeon. In this part of the world, a mammography and a full blood panel is compulsory before breast surgery (Do the same rules apply in the US?)

My measurements: 160 cm tall, 70B breasts (70 cm circumference under the breasts, B cup), I weigh cca 53 kg. The price of this kind of surgery in Hungary is 2600-3000 USD, the surgeons are excellent, so there is nothing to worry about on that front. I am still scared of the operation though. I am a very shy person, so showing my breasts to a male surgeon was unpleasant. Now I am trying to find a female surgeon now (they are rare in this part of the world).

Don't try to find a surgeon only by his/her sex but mostly by his/her skills and good reputation..It doesn't matter if the surgeon is a woman or a man as long as he/she is a professional and does a good job and takes care of u!!! I hope u'll find a good surgeon soon!!! Keep us posted!!!
Yes you are absolutely right, I have just never had a consultation with a female surgeon, and I felt uncomfortable with the doctors I visited up till now, so I put a lady surgeon on my list too (along with more male doctors). I hope to find one that "feels" ok. It's me under the knife after all. :-)
U are right and as long as the mammography I had one done along with ultrasound because I have several family members with all kind of cancers (breast, liver, stomach, intestines, ovaries, prostate)... we kind of have a gene!!!

OK, so I had a consultation with a young lady...

OK, so I had a consultation with a young lady today, who, to my surprise, recommended a donut lift. I was stunned and as nicely I could possibly do I told her that other surgeons recommended surgery with more scars (lollipop on one, anchor on the other). She said that the smaller breast will be perfect with the donut, and the larger, more sagging breast will be reduced in size to match the other. She was very positive, and it was good to meet someone who understands my needs (no implant, small breasts, small nipples). I will have to remind myself to ask her about a fallback plan and my options should I need a revision. I asked her to send me more "after" pictures on this particular surgery.

However, I will get a 3rd or maybe 4th opinion on this. Let's see what my Wednesday appointment will reveal.
Good for you get all the consultations you feel you need. Because you truly have to be 110% sure of who you choose & the procedure. Best of luck to you, I'm sure you are going to look great!!

Nothing new on the tittes front as I am down with...

Nothing new on the tittes front as I am down with flu. I had to cancel a consultation so I will get back to the doctor when I am finally OK. I lost 1.5 kilograms, so I am about 51 now. Good news for the bum, not so good news for the breasts.

Ok, so the ultra sound was all clear, so there's...

Ok, so the ultra sound was all clear, so there's nothing wrong.
I think you look amazing. I would be so thrilled to have your breasts.
Absolutely find the best Dr! I would also be a bit worried about a Dr that promises good results with just a peri areola lift. My Dr said he would try to just do a peri areola lift on me but couldn't guarantee that it would work. He said it is highly dependant on your skin and they can't figure that our until you are on the table. My skin was very elastic and had alot of stretch so to get the best results he had to do a full anchor lift so he could pull the skin really tight under the breast which provided the needed lift and support. I was very happy with his decision. It has been 11 years since my lift. I just posted on realself my original before pics and after pics from now 2012. It should be online tomorrow, maybe it will help you?
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I am still looking for the right doctor.

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