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I'm getting my procedure done in 8 days, i'm...

I'm getting my procedure done in 8 days, i'm feeling very nervous, anxious, scared, excited, a little bit of everything. I'm not sure whether to go through this procedure or not, as I am hearing lots of pros and cons. I'm 32 years old have 4 kids and weigh about 150 lbs., I'm only getting my abs and flanks done. I don't have fat anywhere else. But I'm not sure anymore if I want to go through this procedure as after reading some of these outcomes, it torturous for some people. I've done my research on the Dr., and he has great reviews, but I can honestly say I'm a little scared now.

Hey conroe....I think u will be fine...u did have four wont like..I am 6 wks post op and it was uncomfortable during procedure...not like childbirth but a couple of owws...other than that I was goes by fast too...when they where done I was up and getting my garment sickness or nausea...I kept ahead on my pain meds prob for first 5 days...I had it done on a Monday and was back at work Friday...spent alot of time resting when I could...I felt the procedure was more uncomfortable than the after procedure. I was fine at home...just sore..still a lil sore here and there...but soo worth it...Im still swollen now..doc says takes a while. I really think u can handle it...if I can...anyone u have any questions at all, feel free to ask away....Im so happy I did it and cant wait to see myself down the road..check out my blog on here and pic's...
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