Huge Upper Belly After Tummy Tuck

I am 30 yrs old and have 3 kids which includes a...

I am 30 yrs old and have 3 kids which includes a twin pregnancy. I weighed 220 lbs day of surgery at a height on 5’2” after loosing abt 70 lbs with a gastric band.. I had a huge apron hanging in front and 2 pretty huge ones hanging on sides(love handles)

I got a full tummy tuck + Muscle repair + lipo + love handles removed on the 19th of march. I have a good looking lower tummy but my belly above my belly button is huge.. It is not flat any time of the day. So donno if it is swelling.. I have a gastric band in there... So my surgeon said he tried and worked as much as possible on my upper belly... but had to be careful not to harm the band....

I am really upset. I didnt have a huge upper belly before my surgery. They took 13 lbs off me in the surgery… but I weigh the same as before the surgery.

Very worried about my weight and my upper belly.


How many days post op is that pic? I am in the same situation except i weight 190. My lower tummy is flat but I have a puff at the top. I am told by others that I am swell hell so I am going to give it til next week. We had our surgeries on the same day.
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I am not sure why that would happen but i weighed 220 the day of my surgery my height is 5'3 and my belly is very flat....i think you may have fluids i definitly think you should speak with your doctor.
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there still may be some swelling, or some fluid build up that has to be removed manually. the surgeon most likely hadto work around the gastric band to keep it from gettng defective and causing infection. i would go back to your surgeon and have him take a look at it
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