Huge Fan - So Glad I Decided to Go with Invisalign

I am on 33 of 42 upper and I can't even begin to...

I am on 33 of 42 upper and I can't even begin to describe how happy I am. I am in Sales and the thought of putting metal braces on at 30 was just not appealing. There are of course some minor drawbacks - you have to remove them to eat and also to drink certain things. You have to be disciplined though. If you aren't - don't do it - it's not going to work for you. I was very regimented in my process - as soon as I took them out the clock was ticking in my head to get them back in. The new ones usually are painful for the first 2 days. I recommend putting a new one in before you go to bed. They are almost comfortable by the time you wake up. Pain is weakness leaving your body - suck it up and keep your eyes on the prize! I'd recommend it to anyone!
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Thank you for your helpful review. I was glad to learn more about invisalign as I have been considering getting them. I am very self concious about my smile because of my teeth. The only thing hindering me from getting them is the cost of them. I was wondering what payment plans you did and if you know of others. Thank you.
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I agree with you. That is my feeling exactly. suck it up and keep you eye on the prize.
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