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Took 25 Minutes and Caused Subconjunctival Heamorrhage

I have been told by doctor before lasik surgoy...

I have been told by doctor before lasik surgoy that it is simple , it will take one minute.. but in fact it was 25 mintues with subconjunctival heamorrhage for more than one week,

My question : As you know there are different types of lasik surgery and different costs, how I will be sure or I will be able to differentiate between traditional lasik and interlasik plus after surgery whether duration of surgery ,pain, signs and symptoms after surgery Thanks and Best Regards
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LASIK can cause subconjunctival heme but not very often and it is not a significant complication. The blade free method is less likely to cause this but still it is possible. The important thing is that an excellent flap is created and followed by appropriate excimer laser tissue removal and flap relplacement without complications.
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There is more than 1 way to skin a cat! Different surgeons use different procedures to treat refractive errors: LASIK, LASEK, epiLASIK, IntraLase, Keratome, etc.. No doubt this can totally confuse the prospective patient. I feel it is more important to find a refractive surgeon with a proven track record and who you can trust. Shop surgeon experience, not procedure or price!!

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