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4 Months and No SmartLipo Results

I am 27 years old and although my body was...

I am 27 years old and although my body was athletic I had fat on my buttocks area. The doctor said I would be the perfect candidate and had Smart Lipo on my buttocks 4 months ago. Still I can’t see any result at all; in fact the skin looks worse and is not at all tightened.

I visited my doctor and asked her if it is possible that the fat wasn’t completely removed. She said it is impossible and that I have to wait for 6 months to see results. My surgeon also said that it is normal, because the body tends to fill the area of the fat with water, which will take some time to be egested. She recommended LPG massages to speed up the procedure.

I am very disappointed and fear that my doctor is lying and that the surgery wasn’t successful at all!

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hi sorry to hear that you didn't have any results i ama in greece too and i am looking for a pl surgeon who did you go to? which machine did they use?
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Lipo does not tighten skin, but more the opposite. You had fat cells removed in the procedure, did you ask how many cc's of fat, or did you see it? If your weight is stable since before the procedure, you did lose some fat, and most likely your clothes should fit differently now.
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first of all thank you for the comment. no, i didnt ask how many cc's of fat were removed. I didnt gain any weight though after the procedure, but really it's like i didnt even do smart lipo. I am very disappointed...
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can anyone recommend a good Dr. for smart lipo in the Los Angeles area?
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Hi Ginger -

Check out our Los Angeles SmartLipo directory to find local docs. Also, if you scroll to the bottom of that page you can read reviews from other RealSelf users in the LA area.

Good luck!

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