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It was uncomfortable, but not painful, but I only...

It was uncomfortable, but not painful, but I only made it thru 40 minutes, not the whole hour. Results were amazing, at least 4 shades lighter.

Lumina Dental Spa

I had a Groupon coupon, your cost will be more.

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How about now? Still white?
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Thanks for sharing your story. How are you doing today? Any "zingers"?

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Not a single one. Like I said, it was getting uncomfortable under the light so we ended early, but it never really hurt. No sensitivity to hot or cold the first 24 hours either.
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That's surprising. I'd love to have my teeth whitened but the zingers scare me, and most people seem to get them at some point. I'd do it in a second if I knew I wouldn't get them. I guess you're lucky!

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