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Waiting to See...- Houston, TX

Hi. I'm 44 and had ultherapy done back in July....

Hi. I'm 44 and had ultherapy done back in July. Just the upper face and below the eye for a brow lift. Took Xanax and one Vicodin before hand. The pain was okay with a few exceptions...(they gave me a stress ball to squeeze) Had 3 passes of the wand on the same areas. After the first pass ( the strongest) the pain was minimal. The pain for me felt like an electrical zapping. Only mild rednenss in my cheeks afterwards. I had muscle soreness and tingling on my scalp when I touched certain areas of my forehead, like when washing my face etc. It took about 4 weeks for all symptoms to finally heal. So far I haven't noticed any improvements but will wait and see. Glad I gave it a try though.
I'm thinking about a full face at Bellaire Derm - sort of worried its like "snake oil" as my husband puts it :-)

I'm so glad you started your story! You are right on the cusp of when they say you should notice the changes, so I'll be hoping you see some great ones soon.

I'm assuming you didn't do your lower face because you didn't feel it needed any lift/tightening, is that correct or was there another reason?

Hi. I wanted to test it out first before spending the 4k for full face and neck. Playing it safe. If I don't see results, I will thank myself later and spend the money else ware :) Thanks.

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It's been almost a year now and nothing came from it:( I actually forgot I had it done. No lingering effects from it either. Will probably try botox in the future. I consider it a waste of money at this point.
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