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I can't speak for the results much yet as i just...

I can't speak for the results much yet as i just had the procedure done on my neck today. I took 5mg of Valium and a tramadol 45 minutes prior. I'd say the whole neck and under my chin took about 30-35 minutes. She even did extra because I was tolerating it so well. I would liken the pain to getting a tattoo. Yes it hurts! NO it is not an god awful, can't take it hurt. It stings, it burns, and its over. So much build up about people crying and not being able to handle it and i just can't imagine that. I get botox and fillers and this is more painful than that but totally manageable. I had very little redness and hit the gym later in the day. 

I went to Dr Yalamanchilli for a consultation to...

I went to Dr Yalamanchilli for a consultation to have my upper eyelids fixed. I am 41 and am experiencing what I consider to be the first signs of aging, volume loss, a bit of elasticity loss etc. The Dr. listened to my concerns yet did not feel I was in need of an eye job at this time. He recommended Ultherapy for the entire face and brow area. (I had had Ulthera on my neck previously elsewhere) he also recommended Sculptra for my temporal region as I had some hollowing there. I have had all sorts of injections and laser procedures and I can say hands down that Dr. Yalamanchilli makes patient comfort a top priority. Both procedures were nearly painless. He spends a great deal of time making sure things are done properly. I don't think you can even compare the quality of care he and his office provides with a med spa. (at least not any I have ever gone to) I highly recommend him!
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I read reviews I got from Google. If you are in the Houston/ Woodlands area I highly recommend Woodlands Wellness in Market Square. Professional, easy and amazing!

Updated on 8 Oct 2012:
I chose Dr Yalamanchilli because I was looking specifically for a facial surgeon.

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what exactly did you get done? You didnt specify in the title and I still am confused after reading through that whole story.
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My treatment was around my eyes...much closer to bone, and there are nerves that travel up into your head. It was extremely painful...I could endure the burning, and it's over quick, but the white-hot shooting electric pains zinging up through the nerves were HORRIBLE, and my scalp/head is still very sore, tender, and numb in some places 5 days later. I wondered if maybe it might not be as painful on the neck area, because if I see good results from this treatment, I'd want to do my neck next. So...I'm glad to hear it wasn't as bad. Trust me, if you'd felt what I felt whenever she got close to bones (which was almost everywhere), you wouldn't think we were over-reacting. I was also given potent meds before.
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Update! Had my face and forehead done today. This time I went for the nerve block because of what I had heard about the forehead being sooo painful. I dot know what to say. I'm not superwoman...but again.... Very very little discomfort! I almost fell asleep when the left side was being done. Over the eyes was uncomfortable in a few spots. I'm standing by my not painful report. It hurts more to have my lips done with juvederm by far
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I wasn't offered the option of a "nerve block." Is that a shot? If you had one, maybe that's why it wasn't so painful. I'm reading that there are different "levels" of treatment intensity, and since I gave my gal the go-ahead to "crank it" (because I wanted the best possible results), I think she did, which is possibly why mine hurt so much more. My scalp where the pain shot up the nerves (I'm talking about six + inches back on my head) is still very tender to the touch and numb in places. So that tells me the nerves suffered trauma. I'll ask when I go back (although they didn't mention a follow-up appointment and I was too out of it afterward, on meds, to ask). I'll call them in another week or so. The gal who did my treatment was a "stand-in" for the regular gal who was out sick. Not sure they will have kept a record of how strong the treatments were.
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I'm 41. Good facial tone everywhere but suddenly developed an unsightly sag right under my chin. I have minor lines and crepey skin on my neck. Normal 1st signs of aging that I was not all all pleased with. No bruising at all. Today i have some swelling and numbness under my chin. Everything feels tight. Because I tolerated the pain well she gave me a more aggressive treatment. Very hopeful! I can see my lower neck is firmer already. Time will tell on the real problem area...but hoping for a tighter jaw line overall.
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41 and just starting to see signs of aging - sounds like you are doing pretty dang good overall! You must take very good care of yourself. Please keep us updated on how things are going as you continue to heal.

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It is great to hear that you found the procedure to be tolerable. I'd love to hear what concerns on your neck are you hoping it will help with?

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