TT in Ten Days with Lipoprotein and Breast Lift - Scared and Need Input - Houston, TX

I have 4 children, short, and the entire front...

I have 4 children, short, and the entire front side of me sags. I'm about 20 lbs oversight and just tired of the look of my front. I buy larger sizes just because of my stomach. Has anyone had that much done at one time? I'm having TT, breast lift, lipoprotein of chin, arms, axilla, inner and outer thighs, and flanks. So scared!


Sending healing thoughts your way....boy you had the works! Hope all is well.
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Wow you are getting the works done:) 

You will be just fine and home and recovering before you know it.  Do keep us up to date after your surgery.  Only a few more says to go.

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