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It's Time to Love My Body - Houston, TX

I am a 34 year old mother of two (age 19 &...

I am a 34 year old mother of two (age 19 & 17), 5'4" and weigh 135. As you can see, I had my children young, I was very petite. With my first child I gained 70lbs - the stretch marks are not pretty. I've never been comfortable in a bikini. My family and friends think I'm crazy for even thinking about a TT but I think it's time I please myself.

My baby is 17 years old and my stretch marks are still visible - no matter what majic cream I use. I made my final payment today and my surgery date is scheduled for April 20, 2012. I am nervous but after reading all the reviews - I feel a bit more comfortable. I know what to expect. I will keep everyone posted - this is my journey to a new ME :)

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I've been surfing the net and it's only making me...

I've been surfing the net and it's only making me nervous. I'm not too scared about the pain but I am a little nervous about the scar. I've seen some good tummys and bad tummys. A little less than a month to go.


You will be fine! We are all here for you! I also looked at all those bad, horrible reviews, but don't worry, that is just a very small percent & a lot of them smoked or chose PS that were not board certified. The scar will be like a c section, just longer. I have a long scar & even had revision a week ago because it stretched out due to tension (I am almost 1 year post tt - read my review - it is very long & you will see my ups & downs - but now, one year later, I have no regrets & will take the scar over that saggy skin!). Keep us posted on your journey & remember, 94% say it is worth it!! So go for it!!
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You look GREAT! I love this site. Love to read what others have to say and what they experienced. I'm ready. I know all will turn out fine.
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