I have decided to go with Dr. Cortes. He was very...

I have decided to go with Dr. Cortes. He was very knowable. And his staff was very polite. Had my consultation today and I paid my deposit! The deposit is $500 then you have time to pay for the balance before the surgery date. If hour pressed for time I suggest making a weekend consult. The wait not bad only about 20 mind.


I think I am stalking realself!! I am so excited to be getting my TT in July, that I am on here looking at before and after pictures everyday! I get nervous when I see botched jobs, but I believe Dr.Cortes will do a great job!!

Should I or should I not?!

I am so anxious that I am thinking of switching my surgery to a sooner date.
I am thinking of The week before spring break since ny kids will not be in school and it will be easier on my husband. Ready to be on the flat side!

Super Excited!!!

I'm so impatient!!! I have rescheduled my procedure for Feb. 14, 2014!!! That's only 25 days away!!!! Oh my god!!!!

Its getting closer!

18 more days!! Friday I have my pre op visit at the hospital. And then Saturday I have my pre op visit with Dr. Cortes! Super nervous and excited!


I am getting nervous!! My surgery is in 2 weeks and i woke up more congested than normal today. I have allergies, so i am typically congested most of the time anyway. I have no other cold symptoms. Will i have to reschedule if i am still congested??? I want to avoid moving the date as much as possible!

12 More days!!!

Counting down the days!

7 more days!!!


1 day and a half to go!!!

Ready or not Friday will be here before I know it!! 2/14/14!!

Today is the day!!!!

Finally the day has come, and I am a nervous wreck!!!!! Ready to be flat again for the first time in many many years!! Wish me luck! :-D


Ok ladies today is 2.5 days post op and I am in a lot of pain!!! Oh my god I coughed and that was the worse pain I have ever felt in my life. My back is hurting really bad from having to walk hunched over. One thing I suggest you buy is a narrow funnel (found in oil section at walmart) it is the best thing ever to help you when you have to pee.
I have no idea what my belly looks like yet cause I was told not to remove anything til my follow-up. I'm just covered with the girdle and foam pads.

Post op appointment today!

Started feeling a little better today but still walking hunch back. I get to see my belly for the first time today when I go see Dr. Cortes. Right now I just look a big swollen square cause I'm in the girdle and foam! Praying for great results!!!

post op visit

When to the doctor today. Finally saw my tummy and it looks gross. Lol I know it takes time to look good. But, I'm super swollen. I got put in a tight tight girdle until next Monday I can hopefully fit into a smaller one.

Feeling a little down!

My belly is not as tight as I expected, it still feels jiggly. Especially my upper part under the bra line I was supposed to have lipo but it doesn't seem that it was done. Idk doctor says it takes time to see full results and I'm impatient. Hoping my hips go down on the swelling cause they seem a little too big. Hopefully my belly will tighten as it heals. But it is not tight looking like a lot of pics I see here on RS.

Belly! EWWW

Curvy in the front, but the side view is VERY SWOLLEN!!!


Ok I had a small breakdown this morning and started crying out of frustration. The swelling hurts really bad and my belly looks bigger than before surgery! Any one know what I can do to relieve some of the swelling??

Update pics of today!

At this point I wish I did not do this!! I know it's still too soon but I don't like my new belly. And my hips are too wide now. Praying the swelling goes down and I look somewhat normal again! :-( I text the office this morning twice and I never got a response. In the middle of the night I got a weird burning sensation on the heal of both my feet. Not sure why but it woke me up a few times. Anyone else experience this feeling in their feet??


day 6!

Of course I'm still swollen as expected. But, is the belly supposed to be hard and tight when swollen? Mine is like jelly and hangs when I lean over. But I am starting to move around a lot more with out help. Feel a little better today not as much pain.

Whats next??

Looking at all these ladies with perfect booties is making me want a BBL. I already have a big butt, but my husband says he won't mind a little more. Lol yes he loves butts!!! Maybe in another year. Is a BBL more painful than a tummy tuck and liposuction??


Lower belly swelling still painful! For some reason hurts more in the middle of the night.

Wish Belly!!


Today is day 9 post op. I can get around a little better. Not hunched over very much. Some of my swelling has gone down but, now my belly is more jiggly then the other day. Trying to take it day by day.

Sitting at day 9

I must have the worst luck!

Today or shall I say like 30 minutes ago I had an awful cough. I think it might have tore my muscle repair!! It hurt pretty bad when I coughed, then I had a weird feeling in my belly and it felt loose. And my muscles stopped hurting when I move like 5 minutes after the cough. Ugh hope it's not but I'm calling the doctor's office first thing in the morning.

2 weeks and 4 days!

I have been feeling better. I get really swollen when I'm sitting too long and right after I eat. I am trying really hard to stay away from salty foods. But it's hard to cut it out 100%. I know I have weeks or even months of healing to go. But I still think my stomach could have been pulled tighter. Only time will tell.

3 weeks

I am now 3 weeks post op. Feeling better and better each day. Only thing I am hating is the more my swelling goes down the looser my belly is. Is this normal?

before and at 2 weeks and 3 days pic

The doctor just sent me my most recent pic and asked that I post it.
Anything is better than my before picture, but still hope my skin gets tighter from the tummy tuck.

Just to clear a few things up.

Yes, i know i was FAT before before. NO, i did not go into this procedure thinking i was going to come out looking like a Barbie! I just want a nice flat stomach. I know i am still healing and i know the the swelling will go down. But i doubt the rolls will go down with the swelling. Or the areas where the garment rolls in to my stomach. I am not trying to discourage anyone from getting a tummy tuck. This is my review on MY OWN body, everyone is different. Do not get me wrong, my scar is healing really really good and i am feeling better and better. But i want a tighter tummy. SORRY, i had to vent a little.

today after showering

Sitting in a chair

Today at work.

More pics...

Buldge of fat and skin under my bra area.

1 month post op

I will be one month post op tomorrow morning and I am NOT HAPPY with my results so far!

Tonight after walking

I know anything is better then my before pic. But this is depressing.


No words needed!

One month and 4 days

Went in on Monday and got some shots in my belly for swelling I think. I bruise so easily!

Will be 5 weeks in one day!

Here are some pics I took after my workout. Working out and showering is the only time I take my compression garment off.

Swell Hell

Ok I will try and update pics only once a week instead of every day! Lol
Please inbox me if you have any questions you do not want answered on the feed. Just took these pics about 20 mins ago. And I'm about 5 weeks post op. I hate the swelling so much! Any advice to help ease it? I wear the compression garment all day. I even add a waist cintcher but it don't help much!

Almost 6 weeks!

Here are some pics from today and last night. And shame on the women of realself that think only happy people should post reviews and updates. I think people need to express themselves no matter if they happy or not. Those who are happy congratulations to you and your journey. Those who are not, we are all here to help you get thru the good and the bad so vent away!!

One more pic.

Looks better laying flat.

Forgot to ask a question to the ladies!

How much fat did you have taken out? I had lipo in my upper and lower belly as well as my flanks. My Op report says I had a total of 800cc's removed.

6 weeks today!!!

And yes I have been working out 6 days a week!

6 weeks today!!!

And yes I have been working out 6 days a week! In the morning i take off my garment until I get to work because I have a long drive and it digs in my roll.

New profile pic!!

Finally updated my profile picture of my wonderful hip scar. Still feel the same no changes as of today. I know some might say I should be happy. But I'm not. If I was over 250 lbs pre op then yes I would be thrilled with any result I can get. But I wasn't. I was still big at 185 but still expected a little more. The biggest thing that my husband does not like is my scar placement. It's horrible!!! But if you think it looks great please fill me in on how to wear a bathing suit with out looking hideous!


Read the captions on the pics!

More pics

Really this is what 7 weeks looks like! Yup, happy healing to me! I will post pics everyday if I have to if it will help others!


Does anyone know how to post videos on here? I try but it don't come out.


let me know if you can view this!

Wish i was happy!!!

I really do wish I had a better out come. I was looking forward to this surgery for years! And now I have a new reason to hate my body!

Still can't believe

I am still in disbelief in how bad this was done.


Anyone know where to buy a good compression garment that is comfortable? The one i have is really uncomfortable under my work clothes. I dress in business clothing and need something that will not show too much with clothes on.

Todays pics and update!

Ok I have been working out everyday about an hour and 15 minutes each day and i'm at 179 as of today. Here are a few pics from this morning.


Yesterday I dropped off my garment to be altered and I pick it up tomorrow. Until then I wear one of the older ones. Lately I have been stalking all you women with AWESOME results thank you so much for sharing your journey. I admit I have been getting depressed lately because of my results so far but thanks to the support I get from RS and at home it helps. So thank you ladies!

Just me!

Houston Plastic Surgeon

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Omg, that's not a tummy tuck! What the hell did he do? I've never seen a scar go in that direction...I'm in disbelief and hope nothing but the best for you and hope you can get a real Dr. to fix it.
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Thank you, I agree i never ever seen a scar go as far down as mine does. And i have not seen anyone else with rolls like mine when they sit after having a Tummy Tuck.
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I just read a new realself posting of someone who is going to be getting a TT and other work done with your doc. I cringed! Literally cringed. I can't believe with as many unsatisfied clients he has people still opt to go to him. Cringing. Thank God for people like you who shared your experience, i keep remembering that he too was on my short list at one time. You saved me girl...
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Thank you so much!
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I hope that you referred her to Nani postings. At least give her the opportunity to see for herself and ask questions. Good luck to those who takes chances on him.
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Unbelievable....that people take chances after looking at these stories...
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I'm so sorry for your outcome, your PS was lazy and didn't do his work well. Also maybe you can try a boyshort bathing suit? You're a strong person, thank you for sharing your story
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Thank you so much!
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@nani look at @blue eyed mom.
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Respectfully disagree with Lisa too, her results are horrible for what she had done. On real self you are able to view people at same age, weight etc with same procedure and at this point post op most have excellent results before they start the workout process to "maintain" their new selfs. Whatever he did was NOT what she had asked for and certainly not what any of us who want a tummy tuck would have beens satisfied with. ESPECIALLY the scar down her hips. Nani you are brave to share you experience and braver still to take it upon yourself to try and improve what should have already been improved and try and make the best of it. You truly are my hero.
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Thank you so much!!! People like you are the ones that are helping me get thru this journey.
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Sorry to disagree lisalicious i respect ur opinion but disagree... im getting a tt soon n if my dr was to tell me im removing everything that u dont like or all this junk n i wake up to these results id be discusted at him for lying to my face i want gooddd results thats what im paying for thats whats hes promising...but no i wouldnt have paid over 7,...for that kind of result
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I agree with you Mzz Kitty.
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Just to add .... I just read a few of the comments from the peeps out there and I have to disagree. You don't look horrible and it does look like you've had surgery. The swelling is so deceiving and there's more to come. Not everyone will have the same results but I can honestly say you look good and you WILL continue to shrink. Just lay off the exercising so much. Wean yourself off the CG to just night time and watch the trigger foods. This is the time people start gaining weight too. Water will flush out your swelling some but time is your best friend.
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Sorry Lisa for you disagreeing with my post but I totally agree with Mizz. The dr said that he was going to remove all junk as Nani referred to her fat. And to not deliver after assuring he was, it's a total disgrace from the dr. He should have explained in detail what the realistic expectancy would be. But The dr promised deliverance and failed through the TT procedure. Now she has to undo what he did and be brought whole again. She has to fix a procedure that was already paid for and to undergo for the same procedure is malpractice. All that my dear cost money. His sx was a failure. That's malpractice. On top of that he gave her a scar supposedly to avoid dog ears, which she has anyways. She isn't able to cover her scar with a bikini or a high brief due to the length of the scar. Now she has to look into tattoo or laser to at least try to cover or erased the butcher mark. In your honest opinion, would you be happy with her results? Nani wasn't an obese lady where there was excess hanging skin and even if there was there was no need to butcher her skin the way he did. I saw another post from RS sis and she has similar scar and similar concerns. Adding hips isn't a tummy tuck, looking good standing straight isn't a TT and having a permanent scar so long shows the dr inadequacy. I'm not saying that she looks horrible but these ladies are working very hard to lose the fat that with a TT should have been removed. If a TT wasn't enough then he should hv educated on lipo and lipo sculpture. He assumed that with the Tt the results was going to give his promised deliverance and it failed. That's malpractice.
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I really do understand and I agree he should have been more clear with your results. I've just looked again at your before pic. You do have a curvier shape now. I guess I'm just trying to give you a little reassurance that this isn't the final result. You may not get what you want unless you have another surgery but the healing isn't done. I'm just looking at the positive and I think you could you some of that and a big hug.
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Thank you very much. But, i am kinda learing how the swelling effects my body and starting to see the difference between swelling and fat. The doctocs before pic makes me look way bigger than i look in person. I just really wish that i would have been denied surgery if i was not able to get the results i wanted. If my doctor would have said "I will not do this surgery unless you lose 50 lbs casue you will nto get the result you want. and if it is done now you will have an extremely poor result" Believe me i would have waited and lost all the weight the doctor ordered me to lose before surgery. I do appreciate all the good and the bad comments because i know it don't look good. I have to see this everyday and think to myself why did this happen.
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Thank you!!!
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I am trying to see the positive side of it its just so hard. I knew something wasn't right since day 3 post off when my drains were removed and i seen my belly for the first time. I even said it was too soon to remove them casue i was still draining quiet a bit, but the person that removed them said it was time after 3 days.
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Think positive, all will be ok. When there's health everything can be solved. We are here 4 u:-)
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I understand your frustration but I do see much improvement. You're only 2 months out and exercising a lot. The exercise will bring on the swelling. If you cut back on the exercise and concentrate on the diet you will see faster results. As far as the extra skin... I agree that he could have pulled you tighter. I asked my PS to make me tight as a drum. He gave me a hoochie lift too which is a bit annoying cause I have to wax 2 inches but good cause it makes me all that much tighter. You're fortunate to be blessed with nice curves. Like I said... You're very early out and the heavy exercise will increase your swelling. Truly you won't see what you're final results are for 6 months to a year. Massaging your scar with coconut oil will help swelling and taping your scar will help with color. As for the scar down your leg, I'm assuming he did this to avoid dog ears. Good waterproof cover up will come in handy if you want to cover it. I've yet to get my hands on tattoo make up which would cover it completely. Try not to be too discouraged. If you look back over the last 2 months your body is getting smaller.
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:0 oh my ... I would be so embarrassed actually I'm embarrassed for him ! Omg dude I hate when I lean over like that as well , my belly hangs too. So I'm guessing that all of us five girls have the same skin tone ? We are all obese ? Or was it elasticity of the skin ? again can I see a successful TT done by him. Do you ladies know of someone who's had no sagging at the lower abdomen and excess skin upper abdomen. Let me know I want to see pics . Are you putting your videos where YouTube under his name since HE IS THE DOCTOR ? I also edit mine where no one can leave comments , cause you already know how that goes. I don't even know what to say to you :( I cringe looking at it (even my videos ) :/
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Ty for exposing this butcher and join together with the other ladies to close him down forever. I truly appreciate you stepping fwd and sharing your journey. It takes courage to share before pics but to continue to live it afterwards and scarred its terrible practice.
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I know, this depresses me every single day hun.
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