Smartlipo scheduled for May 31st & need any advice you can offer! Thanks :) Houston, TX

I'm considering this procedure after two kids. I'm...

I'm considering this procedure after two kids. I'm 32, 5'1 and 140 lbs. My main concern is abdomen and tummy area. Any advice would be great. THANKS!


Where did you find a doctor in houston for that price????? I'm looking to spend about 5,0000 for upper ,lower abs and flanks.Any suggestions????
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Dr. Choy in Webster, Tx. I'm going for my consult today!
I had lipo of the ab and tummy and just this week of my thighs, love handles, etc. Im fully recovered from the tummy area (6MTHS OUT) and Id do it over again in a minute! It is awesome to take care of those problem areas that exercise cant touch. In my profile, you can see Im from NC and can see details if interested where i rec'd these services.....
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Any encouragement would be great! Finally after a...

Any encouragement would be great! Finally after a year of debating my appointment is set for May 24th!!!


Dr. Choy in Webster. She's actually an Ob/gyn but does the procedure. I believe it's about $1900 per area.
Did you have lipo or smart lipo?
I'm seeing Dr. Choy in Webster, Tx. My friend had hers done & looks amazing!

Preparing for the big day! Super nervous about...

Preparing for the big day! Super nervous about being "awake" during the procedure!


Hey will there be any photos up in your profile?
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Yes. I'm going out of town tonight & when I get back next week I'll put my before pics up :)

Before pics!

Had my pre-op yesterday. Getting nervous!!

7 Comments whens the surgery??
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I had it done on May 31st. Had to go back in this past Wednesday & they opened all the incisions back up & drained me. I didn't drain enough & I have been extremely swollen & in somewhat of pain. I feel better now. Haven't posted any pics because of all this.
Sorry to hear that. Are you feeling better? Are you happy with the results?

3 1/2 weeks after smartlipo

Sorry I haven't updated this! Here we go :)
I arrived at 7:30 am at the office & was taken back & given meds. 1 Valium, 2 Vicodin & 1 Promethazine. It all kicked in about 40 mins later & they began the numbing. I didn't feel that like some others have posted they did. During the procedure I kinda snapped out of the "drugged" feeling I had & could feel it it some times during. I've had laser tattoo removal without numbing so I could handle it. It was uncomfortable & did hurt at times. It's weird because you're awake! Some people aren't bothered by this though. We're all different! The procedure lasted about 2 1/2-3 hours approx. All I know is I was done & home by 12:30 pm.
When I got home I took my meds & passed out until about 8 pm. Woke up in PAIN! DO NOT miss your dose time or you will be too! It is uncomfortable unlike what people say. I have young children at home so I couldn't be all drugged up everyday. Whatever you do just prepare yourself for the fact that you're SUPER swollen for some time after. I'm still extremely swollen! At my two week visit I had to have my incisions opened back up & she drained me. THAT WAS PAINFUL! About two days later the swelling was back in the same areas except much smaller. Still noticeable & sucks to not have a "flat" tummy yet. It's all a process & I know they say It takes months up to 6 for people to see the full result of it. Just prepared for that. That's the thing I'm mentally struggling with right now. I know it'll get better though. Just massage & wear the tightest garment you can find! However, the doctor did say my swelling & fluid was the worst she's seen so it could be just my luck! Lol Overall I would recommend it but I would personally never do it again! Good luck to all of you considering it!


I just posted an update!

3 weeks after photos

Keep in mind I'm still very swollen & the lines & indentions are from the garment.


Just posted some pics!

3 1/2 weeks after procedure


I just found your profile and I think you look amazing! I hope I look that good at even 4 weeks. Girl you have no worries!! Have you tried the lymphatic message? It is suppose to help even out the hard spots or something like that. At 12 days Post I can't imagine letting anyone near my stomach...ouch. How many inches have you lost? Blessings ~D
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Glad you found it! Thanks! I started those massages a few weeks ago. I've only had like 4. I've noticed some difference. It's painful though so if you need them just be brave, lol. I'm about to post a few pics!
Will you post more pictures? How are you doing?
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10 weeks post op

Still swollen & very lumpy. Not happy at all!


Hi journey to a better body Did you get your tummy tuck? How did it go? I hope you get the results you're looking for. Keep your head up and stay positive. Best wishes and prayers to you on this journey of yours. Bella
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How did your results turn out?
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TERRIBLE! Scheduled for a tummy tuck in June!
Dr. Choy

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