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Please dont this it is stupid and not worth it i...

please dont this it is stupid and not worth it i am a transexusl and had free flowing silicon injected in my brest they look great but i now regrett it !!!! luckly they can remove it but trust me its not worth it for a quick boob job

Do you have the info where u got it done i want butt injections and have heard about someone from Houston doing it but can't find him or her please email me with info
My friend Died from Silicone Injections in her butt.

If you want Silicone implants go to Dr Moliver he can also do fat transfer @Brooke5751.
Please safe your own life by not useing Silicone Injections.

@Dallas3788 Please tell us of some of the problems you are having.
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its not healthy and its unsafe it has long term side effects and discoors over time gets hard and extreamanly heavy

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