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Chipmunk Cheeks and Lumps - Houston, TX

I had a total of three injections with Sculptra...

I had a total of three injections with Sculptra with the third injection around 9/2012. I didn’t do much research on the product prior and my physician recommending it is a trainer, so I just went with it. The last injection left me feeling like I had a fat face and chipmunk cheeks. My doctor would like to add more volume in my temple area now, but I refuse to inject any more into my face. Presently I have three lumps in my left cheek. They are not visible, but seeing photos of other lumps the product has caused, I don’t trust it! Now, 4 months after my last injection I still struggle with the look of fat chipmunk cheeks.


I have had Sculptra injections, I should have added that. I have had them in a series, several times over the years. I can tell you it does matter the skill level of the injector. Also, how much the injector dilutes it. Overdiluting is what I think too many do, and you don't see results or the product becomes too diffuse and it's difficult to put it in the one place. But I always want, and get, a nice full temple and cheek area. They call is the "C" zone, I think. Too low, and it just sags like chipmunk cheeks but take heart, it never lasts as long as they say. If you massage the area or stimulate it, and just the fact of chewing, will make it go down faster.
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Your doctor injected it too low. The injections of Sculptra should always fill out the temple, and upper cheeks, and all the cheek area. If they are inejected too low, that's when one gets the chipmonk cheeks.
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It sounds like you and your doctor had different ideas about how full your face ideally should be. Sorry to hear you aren't loving your cheeks. :( I think it is good that you opted not to do the additional volume in the temples if you weren't comfortable with it. Good for you for speaking up and saying no!

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