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Is This Normal? - Houston, TX

I got my nose procedure on June 11th. My doctor...

I got my nose procedure on June 11th. My doctor said he wasn't going to break it. I had a major concern about my tip and around it. But it's been about 20 days and when I smile my nose doesn't look great it kind of looks bigger. is it normal that my tip is this swollen? Please look at my photos and tell me if I'm gonna see a major change in a few months from what you can see
You look good! Like others have said I think it is just swollen. I'm just over a month post op and still quite swollen. I also find that my nose does tend to look bigger in photos for some reason. Don't worry though! The swelling does continue to subside over time.
Thanks for the comments everyone! I like that it looks natural Im just concerned bc it still looks HUGE and I was wondering if it was gonna maybe go down alot and look more different in a few months
it still looks rounded but i think thats whats natural.. your doctor has a good eye for these things. i think you look like a better version of you and thats what a nose job should essentially be right?
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