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I've wanted to get my nose done forever! I am...

I've wanted to get my nose done forever! I am finally getting to a point financially where I can afford it, but I wanted to ask everyone a few questions.
1) Is it weird that the main reason I'm doing this is to look more photogenic? In real life I think my nose is alright, but it just looks terrible in pictures. It looks so bad that I intentionally only take pictures with my "good side" showing. I shy away from having my picture taken at parties and other gatherings, it would be nice not to worry about whether my nose looks big and crooked.
2) I know what I want my nose to look like. There's an actress whom I favor, we have the same facial shape and hair. Would my surgeon think it odd that I want to model my nose to resemble hers?


Good feedback from Faith! It is a big deal. You're likely the only one who notices your nose in photos. If you do decide to do this, like Faith said, go with a rhinoplasty/facial board certified specialist.

To answer your question, no I don't think it would be odd for to request a certain celebrity's nose as long as you understand that your own cartilage and facial structure might be different and your nose won't end up looking identical to hers.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do. Even with subsequent breathing issues, I haven't regretted my rhinoplasty for a minute.

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There are no guarantees in Rhinoplasty. It is risky and you'll never get your original nose back even with a revision. Rhinoplasty is a big deal and takes 1 - 3 years to fully heal. There are risks such as not being able to breathe efficiently through your nose again. I was not told of these risks beforehand nor did I do enough research on my own but instead trusted an unethical plastic surgery office. In my opinion, you should only do this if you hate your nose A LOT! If you do decide to proceed, do tons of homework and go to at least 5 consultations with FACIAL Plastic Surgeons or a Rhinoplasty Specialist. Stay away from surgeons who will work (practice) on any part of the body. Make sure you read all reviews on these PSs (including filtered Yelp reviews) and try to contact these former patients. Depression is very common after rhinoplasty so you want to make sure you find a very experienced doctor who will leave you looking like yourself. A cookie cutter nose may not suit your face and every time you look in the mirror after, it feels like you're looking at someone else. There are a lot of people who regret doing this for the rest of their lives and realize that their old nose were just fine and would do anything to have it back again. No undo button here....you're stuck with what you get. Good luck.
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I have a consultation with Dr. Siegel this Friday....

I have a consultation with Dr. Siegel this Friday. This will be the 3rd surgeon I have seen. Cross your fingers for me!

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I have a consultation on Friday. This makes 3...

I have a consultation on Friday. This makes 3 consults with 3 different surgeons. I'm hoping this is the one!


Good for you for getting multiple consultations! I know that you're 4 hours away, but there are a couple very good Rhinoplasty Specialist in the Dallas area. Drs Cochran and Gunther. Best wishes to you!
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I have a consultation on Friday. This makes 3 consults with 3 different surgeons. I
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