Should I Get a Revision on my Bridge ? - Houston, TX

I'm 15 months post op from my first treatment. My...

I'm 15 months post op from my first treatment. My bridge actually looks nothing like my digital "after" pic, and still very much like the width of my "old" nose. I was really hoping to actually have some shape to my new nose. Should I consider having it revised?

My whole goal was to remove a bump on my bridge, small bump actually. Reduce the size of my tip, and narrow my bridge to give it more of an "hour glass" shape.

Overall my nose is smaller and the tip is much better however because of the width and shapelessness of my nose, the tip can sometimes appear too small for the bridge.

I'm so frustrated that over a year later I am STILL stressing over my nose :(.


Who was your dr if I may ask ?
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I think your nose looks great. But you are the one that needs to be happy with it. If I was not happy with my result, and seeing that you live in Houston, you might want to go see Dr. Cochran in Dallas. I am impossible to please and he made me happy. He is the best there is. A plastic surgeon recommended him to me. Dr. Cochran is both an ENT doctor and a plastic surgeon so he is doubly qualified.
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I think your nose is great looking. I understand completely that you still don't think it looks good. People tell me my nose is fine. Deep inside I don't like my nose. This is why I have chosen to get a nose job. At the end of the day you solely need to make that choice. I think you are pretty and see nothing wrong but regardless what anyone saids you need to make yourself happy:) Hearing your story and others who had previous nose jobs and still aren't happy with results makes me nervous. Its a huge chance we take.....I am willing to take. Are willing to take the chance, again??
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