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More Wrinkles - Houston, TX

Been using generic .05% retin A for 3 days only. I...

Been using generic .05% retin A for 3 days only. I am 40 and been told I look 30. have no wrinkles or acne. Using Retin-A for anti-wrinkles. However 3 days in its use, I have so many apparent wrinkles especially under my eyes which I never had before.

My 15 year daughter told me I look 50 all of a sudden in only 3 days of its use. is this normal. should I discontinue. I would like to continue for photoaging but please advise how? I look very bad and extremely old in just 3 days..very scary and frustrating.

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This happened because you used it 3 days in a row, and didn't follow the instructions. Especially under the eyes, and with 0.5 strength, you are supposed to work your way up, starting with once a week for one month, then gradually increasing. You may never actually work up to every night for eye area. Wrinkling should go away. Just use mild moisturisers for the time being.
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Do a test patch on your arm for 6 months before putting on your face. Them do another Test patch for same period on face somewhere hidden. Reduce the risks
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Hi, I'm a Medical Aesthetician the reason why you are having the so called look of more wrinkles isn't because the product caused it what happens is it drys out your skin especially if you use under you eyes the skin under the eyes have no oil glands so it is even more dry to begin with when you used the Retin-A it makes the skin very while using it for about up to the first 10-12 weeks so it will enhance greatly the appearance of line especially under the eyes just grit through it I know it's tough it has to get worse before it gets better I tell all my patients that I always give them this as a saying it's kinda like if you take a raisin it's dehydrated do you see all the lines right well what happens when you put the raisin in water it plumps up so it's just because the skin is dehydrated is why you see all of that that's why I tell my patients having oliy skin is a blessing in disguise because people with oily skin age at a much slower rate due to my moisture and oil so I hope this helped
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I have been using ReTrieve which is the equivalent of RetinA whch you can no longer
buy in Australia, for many years and the skin does normalise from dryness to plump after
a while.It varies from person to person. I'm 69 and have fabulous skin! I also think I have
been blessed with good genes from my father.I'm a bit jawley but One can't have everything, unless you go to a plastic surgeon!
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I have been using Neo Strata Renewal Cream with Retinol togethef with ReTrieve tetrononin .05% cream
same as RetinA ,but in bigger tube, therefore better value for money. I have been using these 2 products
with great success and I am 69yrs of age without wrinkles.15 to 30 mins before leaving home I apply
30+. Try my method and your skin should not feel dry!
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thank you Megan for your repsonse. I skipped last night on retin-A and already my wrinkles are looking less. I didnt experience any peeling but do have small bumps all over my face and now my face is very itchy. I think I will start using it every 3 days and not at all under my eyes to prevent the wrinkles from coming back. You have any adivse about that?
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Well, I can't say I'm really in a position to give advice. I just use the stuff too, but am not an expert on it. It sounds like your plan of cutting back use is a good one. I was scared to use it around my eyes when I first started, so I didn't until the rest of my face got used to it. Looking back it seems like a weird way to approach it, but oh well. ;) I now use it around my eyes, and as long as I don't overdo it (I have to skip at least every 3rd night) I don't have any problems from it. I think the key is just paying attention to your skin. If it feels tight, skip that night.

Keep us posted on how its going for you!!

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I would definitely recommend you talk to your doctor who prescribed it to you, just to be safe. It took my skin 4-6 weeks to get used to it, and that was using a slow ramp-up routine my doctor told me to do. I definitely didn't notice any increase in wrinkles though, just redness & lots of pealing.

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Dont worry thats normal in the beginning of retin-a treatments.Lines and wrinkles will go away as soon as youre skin adjusts to retin-a.

Do not forget sunscreen every morning!
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