Restylane in Eye Troughs and Cheeks-not Worth It - Houston, TX

Post facelift, necklift, chin implant 4 years ago....

Post facelift, necklift, chin implant 4 years ago. Started to notice some hollowing around eyes and need for volume in cheeks as Dr didn't inject any fat/filler. Went to reputable PS for resty in eye trough and cheeks-now have jowls where I didn't have them before as surgery took them away. Dr used 6 injections to fill up my face and it looks uneven and I'm extremely unhappy. Swelling has gone down and it still looks bad. Hope this stuff goes away soon.

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with Restylane. :( From other reviews I have read, it seems sometimes people are advised to massage the areas the filler was placed to help smooth it. I'm not sure when that is or is not advisable though. Did the doctor give you any instructions about massaging it?


Had Wydase on Friday-hoping it helps eliminate...

Had Wydase on Friday-hoping it helps eliminate some of this filler from the jowls and gets rid of the bagginess. I am so sad that I ever did this. My face is ruined. I cannot believe how this filler has managed to change my face after spending so much money on a facelift Doctors need to really think about injecting this stuff to people post face lift. The scar tissue from the facelift creates pockets where the filler falls into. I wish i knew this before I spent 2400. I would have lived with my face as it was-I just wanted a little fullness. OOOHHH I'm so MAD!

I really hope the Wydase helps. Please let us know what changes you are seeing as it takes effect.


The before picture is from summer 2011 It is not...

the before picture is from summer 2011 It is not that long ago!!! Now do you see why i am so upset?? i just wanted a little volume in my cheeks

more enzymes-seems to be getting rid of this restylane mess-Dr is not well versed in its use though. I asked him to get rid of all of it and he still injects here and there which creates uneveness. I had a second opinion with well known doc in Houston who explained why I had such a problem with resty. Clearly, it was the injector in this case. Lesson learned-he will never be allowed to work on my face again.
you are NOT supposed to massage Restylane.. only sculptra,,
2nd round of enzymes yesterday. Dr cannot explain why the restylane settled in so poorly. Skin looks terrible-pores and old acne scars look huge. Still have the jowls that he's trying to get rid of via Vitrase/Wydase. Also have a small lump under my lip from resty that migrated. I will never do this filler again. I cannot believe the mess it has made of my face

My face is ruined. I saw the rep for restylane and...

My face is ruined. I saw the rep for restylane and she said it probably won't change as the filler stretched my skin. I am so unhappy and miserable and MAD. You can't even tell I had a facelift now. It's awful. Dr Bradford Patt is a nice man but clearly doesnt know what he's doing with filler. I've been to several doctors for their opinion and they all say its the injector-not the filler. He still has $800 of my money to boot. He did refund $1600 but felt I should bear some of the burden. I am still so sad-every time I look in the mirror. ITS AWFUL

I'm just curious..did it get better..I had filler done in my tear trough by a reputable P.S. and it ruined my face too..he's been dissolving..then adding over and over..I'm miserable too :-(


I'm sorry to hear what is going on for you. :( Have you considered consulting with a few other doctors to see if they may have other alternatives for you to consider?

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Doc is a nice guy but not someone I would go back to for injections of any kind

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