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Best Aesthetic Treatment Ever!

Dr. Cho performed a lesion excision near a...

Dr. Cho performed a lesion excision near a previous scar under my chin and I was so happy with the result I couldn't stop staring at it. He warned me of risk of a slight indentation but I wanted rid of the unsightly mess I had been carrying around for years that I thought, worse case scenario, he could also correct the indentation. His training is tops and so is the dermatologist's who he practices with, his wife. I knew my skin was going to be in the most knowledgeable skilled hands ever. The professionalism of his nurse and the efficiency of his photographing and evaluating the revision area from different angles was unlike anything I experienced before. This was a doctor who was all about transparency, consensus, shared vision, and after he agreed to perform the excision he said, "May I make some other suggestions?" This was the first consultation where a doctor really cared about making me look better. He noticed I had a lot of hollowing and shadow in the periorbital area and asymmetry. I had an orbital repair and implant years ago so the right eye had less shadow than the left. He described how Restylane could be used to even things out. My dark circles under the eye had been with me my whole life and after my orbital fracture repair I wanted someone to improve the other eye but gave up. I'd go into consultations consumed with getting the botched up area under my chin repaired, and surgeons would just reject me before we started, making me feel hopeless. They really had no desire to work on something difficult that was created by other doctors in the community, and if they did they did offer help it was always half-hearted with a view toward just making some money off of me. My disappointment with half-baked results each time was wearing me down to the point that my under eyes were showing progressive fatigue and shadowing, and true enough I wasn't getting any younger spending years working on a chin scar. Once Dr. Cho suggested how he would begin to correct the periorbital area he moved on to correcting my congenital facial asymmetry along the jawline, and then rejuvenating lost volume in upper cheeks and temples. Clearly, he wanted to bring out the best in me. No one ever analyzed my face this way before with so much confidence in his ability to improve what he saw. So at the end of the consultation I received an estimate of $700 for the lump excision, $500 for the Restylane, and $1400 for two Sculptra treatments, and based on what I had paid some other docs I was convinced he was a patient friendly plastic surgeon! First, he did my excision and on the same day as they removed stitches I was prepared with numbing creams and they quickly moved on to the injections, because their numbing cream really works! I tried injections with two other surgeons and decided to stop Sculptra because it was so painful. They'd let me sit an hour to make sure the numbing cream worked but evidently that wasn't the trick. It seems Dr. Cho knows his anesthesthetic formulations better than they do so as I braced myself on the first injections under the eye I was wondering why I didn't feel pain and had to ask him about it. He and his nurse both seemed a little suprised that my other treatments had been painful. So if you are looking for the very best in every aspect of your treatment and don't mind driving a little outside the Houston metro area, Dr. Cho would be an excellent choice and the only plastic surgeon I would recommend in the entire Houston area. As soon as I'm all healed under the chin I'll post my photo of the lump-free submental scar that i first posted about several months ago in the "scar treatments" category titled, "buyer beware."

photos post chin nodule removal, restylane, sculptra

There's nothing like backing up a positive review with evidence. Dr. Cho was a God-send for me because he sent me away happier than any cosmetic surgeon ever has. These photos are taken without my make up on and I'm no spring chicken (59) but the tear trough work to build up the left to be more like the right looks so natural. I have an orbital implant on the right so the right eye looks like perfection and I guess if you really want periorbital perfection go in for one of those although it's drastic surgery and I don't recommend it, unless you're in an accident and need one. The nasal folds are unbelievable...but bear in mind this is a total of 6 sculptra sessions to build up the left side of my face that was congenitally flatter and smaller than the right. The first two surgeon's work was okay but after I let Dr. Cho do two more vials of Sculptra I was thrilled with his attention to rejuvenation work as well, so I did two more vials about a month later. This photo is approx. 3 months post tear trough Restylane and Sculptra and the work is seamless. I've seen many patient photos showing lumps and problems and who knows how they got that way but Dr. Cho delivered perfection, and his practice follows infection control protocol to a tee! (however that word is spelled). His customer service is also tops because they submitted a Restylane rebate for me and I just received a $100 check in the mail. For all I had been through prior to finding his practice I really needed some extra kindness. Thanks Dr. Cho and Staff for getting me on the road to a fresher look!

p.s. re: chin work.

Dr. Cho removed a subcutaneous lump on the left which the lab report indicated had been from infection of some kind at some point. I was treated for an infection in 2010 about 4 mos. post juvederm injection at the left jawline a nurse injector. My neck was swollen and I had jaw pain so I went to an ENT doc. who prescribed the antibiotics and told me to call asap if it ever happens again! So injectibles are nothing to treat lightly in case you are getting them done by a medspa nurse or a practioner who isn't being careful enough. Dr. Cho also tried another Kenalog injection on the skin nodule that sticks out on the far right but that was surgeon created, believe it or not, so unfortunately it might be there forever. But enough with the bad, my chin scar is now completely lump free thanks to Dr. Cho taking on chance on the lump removal on the left. And that's what real doctors do, make you all better!

"before" picture from June 2013

I searched for a "before" picture and found this one from the summer when I was my desperate to get lumps removed from chin. This "before" is a similar angle as the "after" photo and clearly shows that the Sculptra has worked wonders, in the hands of Dr. Cho. He knew exactly how to build up the left jawline and flattened cheek area to match the otherside. What an eye for form! I wish someone had told me about this five or ten years ago to correct my facial asymmetry but then they might have messed up. So it took a total of six treatments and it was just enough, two before I came to Dr. Cho and the four he topped if off with. He knew exactly how much I'd need and didn't over do it. Seeing the improvement in the before and after comparison. makes me feel very happy and this was definitely money well spent!

Result in Periorbitals

This is closer up on the periorbitals, almost 3 months post Dr. Cho's injection splitting one syringe between the two periorbitals. I had absolutely no bruising or lumps and the the product has settled in nicely. I told Dr. Cho at the follow up it looks completely natural and asked about more. He advised to wait a couple of months and then maybe a conservative bit more to build up the left with the remainder of the syringe used on another part of the face. I'm thinking the right lateral chin where I still have a little glitch from a previous botch...so I can stop thinking about it!

One final Sculptra injection and I feel I'm at "baseline"

Here are photo updates showing final results of Dr. Cho's whole series of Sculptra injections (next to a "before" taken November 2013) and he did the final injection last Friday. I just had surgery a few weeks ago to excise a mess of bumps and lumps beneath my chin from a series of cosmetic "botches" over several years and I wanted to top off that great result with one last Sculptra correction to my facial asymmetry. And about that surgery...everyone said they didn't notice what I felt was a mess under my chin so I sought out an ENT facial reconstructionist who offered to get rid of all of it but only under general anesthesia in a fully equipped O.R. because it made even him nervous. Thankfully, Dr. Cho and that surgeon applied their skill and art to my requests and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I know craniofacial deformities are skeletal however when I first started working on this 14 years ago with aan "asymmetrical" facelift my idea was skeletal asymmetry could be disguised with the facial muscle and tissue manipulation on the larger side. Since then, it took my requests and the skill of more than a few surgeons to get me to this final outcome and I'm loving the Sculptra results. It did cost a lot and put me back paying off a house mortgage but I figured the house will still be here when I'm gone and what mattered more was the quality of my life in the here and now. Life is too short to spend any of it being unhappy with poor cosmetic results and I'm grateful Dr. Cho and the other surgeon not only understood but got everything right...a FIRST for me in my experience with cosmetic surgery starting way back in 2000. Thank heavens for the "new talent" that has showed up in Houston since then.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cho beautifully transformed my face and the before and after photos prove it. At the consultation, he understood my every concern, added his own suggestions, and delivered amazing results. His office is very efficient and he walks into the procedure room shortly after you are brought in. He is gifted at injections and also performed a minor lump excision on the lower chin exactly as described with an excellent cosmetic outcome. Although this category is about "Restylane" the bulk of his work was rebuilding the left side of my face that was congenitally smaller than the right with Sculptra. Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Cho for a consultation, he is the only plastic surgeon I would recommend in the Houston area for facial injectables and rejuvenation.

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