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I've had one of my 3 scheduled pixel treatments...

I've had one of my 3 scheduled pixel treatments done on my face. I wanted be rid of mild acne scarring here and there and hyperpigmentation. Getting rid of fine lines would be a bonus.

The procedure wasn't painful to me really. Just felt mildly hot and burning. However, I am getting a tattoo removed and I think after those treatments my pain threshold has been raised substantially!

Anyway. Immediately after treatment and the rest of night my face was red. Next day it was just brownish and pixelated. I didn't experience pain or swelling at all.

It stayed 'muddy' looking for about 3 days. I began to scrub my face gently to exfoliate after getting the ok from the place I got it done. After the 4th day I looked completely 'normal'.

I know it takes several weeks to see full results from each treatment but so far most of my hyperpigmentation is gone and m skin is noticeably smoother and younger looking.

I will update after my next two treatments.

I am planning to have this treatment done at the same place... Did you already complete your full 3 sessions? Are you happy with the results?


Nice to hear that the pain was mild for you.  I hope that once you complete the series that you will have obtained the results you were hoping for.  

Keep us up to date on everything as you go through this process.

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