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I Love Juvederm...my 5th Treatment - Houston, TX

I jumped on the injectable bandwagon at the age of...

I jumped on the injectable bandwagon at the age of 47 and I am now 50. I usually do the peremiter of the lips, upper as well as the corners to turn my mouth up. Also on my slight nasolabial folds and marionette lines. I have never had any problems. When I went for my twice yearly juvederm treatment the injector advised me to do the full syringe on my left side as my face was starting to lose its symmetry. I had never even thought of this and no one had mentioned it to me in previous injecting sessions. After a few days when the swelling went down I asked my family if both sides looked the same and they said yes. I wanted to make sure that the size that received the juverderm did not look off kilter. The side where I needed the filler is the side I sleep on. Obviously the injector was right about my face needing volume on one side.

Which doctor do you go to Sunflowers?
Yes, the name of the doctor would be great thank you so much!
Could you please give me the name of your doctor? Thanks so much!!
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