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Full Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo and Fat Graft Transfer to...

Full Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo and Fat Graft Transfer to the Buttocks....Had my 1st consultation on 11/22/2013 and spoke with the Dr. and listened to what all he had to say about the procedures...Had my 2nd consultation today and left Dr.'s office feeling more excited than the 1st visit....Paid my down payment fee...Now it's just a wait!!!...So excited...Can't wait to see how this transformation gonna look!!!
Congratulations. Which doctor did you decide on? Houston has such a great selection.
Good luck!!!

44 Yrs Old....4 Kids ND 7 Grandkids

Nothing has happened too much since my last update on RS. I am just patiently waiting and while I'm waiting, I'm just reminiscing on how my body will look after my surgery because I am so addicted to this forum and the outcome of the tummy tucks and the brazilian butt lifts are amazing. I just wish that my procedures/surgeries were sooner but I don't wanna seem like I am being selfish towards my family,so family first and then me later. So until then I will continue to wait patiently but excited at the same time!!!....
Thanx and Yes...Houston has too many to chose from but I had about 5 consultations.... I listened but I had a few that didn't wanna listen too me and I went with Dr.Ravi Somayazula.....he's n the Sugar land area.....I'm not a big girl but some was giving me ridiculous prices and wanting me to have procedures that I didn't need ND it got confusing too me....but when I went to this Dr. he looked at my body Nd told me exactly what I needed....I was very excited because I finally found the right eased my headache....the price wasn't a major factor but it played a part but for TT, Lipo with fat grafting to the butt....he charged me I made my deposit.... So I'm pushing for April or May....but if not, then I'm thinking about November or December...I'm so excited, can't wait!!!
Dr.Ravi Somayazula

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