Had Lipo 10 Days Ago and Can't See Any Results

Had lipo 10 days ago and don't see any results? I...

Had lipo 10 days ago and don't see any results? I am just really a bit frustrated because I can't see any results...the bruising is almost gone and I don't feel really swollen and the problem zones that i wanted to get rid of are exactly the same...

I am pretty petite and didn't do it for wait loss (115 ponds) but is it true that you are swollen even though you don't notice and how long for the results to start showing/? thanks


How did the results turn out?
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I am about ten days post op as well. i am very small so just had a problem area removed. although i am still very swollen and a bit lumpy where some parts are more swollen, i can see a huge improvment i would contact your doctor and find out why you are not seeing any result
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thanks, I have an appointment next week and will talk to him because even after a month now I don't see that much of a difference. for me it was not worth the money or the pain.
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It's too early, I don't know the results yet!

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