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Hey Dolls! Well to make a long story short,...

Hey Dolls! Well to make a long story short, liposuction has really been on my mind. I have my very first consultation on 3/05 and curious if I can go through with it. I mean I really want it but I've never been through surgery before so I'm nervous of the recovery. I'm 29 and in between 5'6 5'7 and weigh 168 no children. However even at my smallest weight I never had curves and always had that one roll. I want a shape. I came on here cause I didn't wanna hear a doctors help although it is helpful, I wanted to hear real people experiences and I must say u guys are awesome and been real helpful. I hearing the pain is unbearable then I hear the pain is ok and I'll b up the next day. Then on the other hand I'm not seeing also of recovery words. Any way my mind is pretty much made up, I want it! I'm just anxious about the pain and price. Anywho I will for sure keep u guys updated! And I'm posting some pics now so you will see exactly what I'm talking about

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I finally had my consultation and I decided I am going to go ahead and do it. My doctor made sure I understood the procedure and was very attentive and helpful. I am still debating on do I need to go on other consultations being this was my first one. I have read that I need to see more than one doctor. Finding a financial lender is just as hard as finding a doctor Im finding out as well! Anyways thank you guys for you comments. They have helped me alot.

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I have had a few parts of my body done and honestly, if you feel it is something you want to do and you can should do it. Find the right doctor and ask a lot of questions. The pain is really minimal. Not showering for a few days is probably the worst of it. Good luck with what you choose.
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The pain is not that bad actually once you take your meds you feel fine. Its alot of uncomfortable moments but its not bad. Good luck with your journey and keep us updated. :]
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Thanks alot!
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Hi :) I hope you find a good surgeon and that he Can answer all of your questions, ( ask a lot of them) so you Can feel Secure :) Im about a week out of surgery, and I was sore and was a little bit hard to move, and still am . But I didnt have much pain , on a scale of 1 to 10 it was about a 4 maybe, it was just soreness really, but When I layed down I felt no soreness or pain whatsoever, It was only When I moves around in The bed or went to The bathroom. You Can ask me anything you want if you need help, good luck :)
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Thank you. This has really helped me!
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Hi! I am one month out and a total baby when It comes pain. I can assure you its quite tolerable. The hardest part is the injections to knumb you. it stings, I wont lie. but it lasts for about 5 seconds each and they will have to do it about 3-4 times. The belly button stung the worst for me. but after that, I didn't feel anything. I just laid there & listened to music and had a long conversation with the Doc and his assistant. I didnt get sore until a couple of hours afterward, but had some happy pills to take to get me through it. Had the procedure on a Fri and was back to work on Monday. It felt like I did a thousand sit ups, 1 month out I'm still questioning myself if it was worth it though cause my stomach looks super lumpy. Im still keeping my fingers crossed that I can wear a two piece this summer. Do your research on plastic surgeons as I found out my Doc is a general surgeon and I don't know what the difference is but think I would rather had a Plastic surgeon.The results are slow to come, and some days Im more swollen than others. I hate the way my stomach looks right now but I know it takes up tp three months for swelling to go down, and 6 months to get full results. The biggest pain in the ass for me is the garment. I have been wearing it for a month straight. Its a bitch to sleep in. Good Luck!
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