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I had Lifestyle Lift, lower eye procedure, and full face laser treatment just over 11 months ago. I expected the pain during the procedure and I endured the post-surgery healing because I am vain and I figured no pain no gain. However, I've been noticing for the past few months that my jowl line is falling and my eyes are beginning to puff underneath again. I have contacted Lifestyle Lift at the 800 number, been referred to the Houston office where I had the procedure and am now scheduled for March 20, 2014 to meet with a different doctor doctor (Dr. Smith) from the one who did the procedure. Wish me luck! I still owe about $6,000!!
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Dr. Palmer seemed okay and when I asked him if he'd "lift" his wife, he said that he tells her all the time that she doesn't need any work on her face, but that he would do any procedure she asked for if she wanted it. He was a bit gruff with me and was grumpy and downright rude with his staff. I was to have had a pre-op consult with him 10 days prior to the procedure, but his scheduler, Michael, called and moved my appointment back a week to 4 days prior to the procedure "because the doctor had a golf game that interfered with my appointment." The delay in the pre-op appointment meant that I didn't have final instructions early enough to know to take certain vitamins/medicines in advance of the surgery, to prevent excessive bruising, etc. Red flag? Sure, but I wanted that procedure because I wanted to look younger. About a week following the procedure, I contacted the Houston office and sent pictures and a video documenting my concerns about all the bruising and some drooping and was referred to talk to a staff member. Dr. Palmer was not present for follow-up visits. Dr. Palmer is no longer on staff with the Houston office of Lifestyle Lift.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing! Fingers and toes and everything else crossed that you are able to get the revision. Let us know!
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Thanks for posting your review. Many women do not realize that this lift does not last. I had the lift in Atlanta and agree with your review of the Doctor. They all seemed rushed. I wish women and men would take the time to get a 2nd opinion on facial surgery, especially elective. We all want to look better, not worse and I feel like I would have been better off driving down the expressway throwing money out the window. That is what I basically did. I never did get any satisfaction from any member of the Lifestyle Lift Group, especially Dr. Kent. The surgeon was rude to me also, rushed and kept telling me he was late for another appointment. I had to pay out of pocket for a redo on my face by a qualified surgeon. I wish you the best, Chrystal.
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Hi Chrystal. I am still hopeful. I met with Dr. Smith today and he was so super nice. He agreed to send my photo comparisons to "Corporate" because they have to review and decide...and now I'll see what happens next. Here's a funny story. After my appointment with Dr. Smith, I stopped in the restroom before my drive home. Another Lifestyle Lift patient came in, all puffed and bruised. She said she had her procedure yesterday and then asked me when I was going to have mine. You bet I called the doctors' office and told them this story to share with Dr. Smith for his report to "Corporate." Funny, huh? NOT! Take care.
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Donotwant... Hi there, they did the same thing with me. Even though it is obvious from the pictures posted here with my bio, my eyes were cut at different angles, etc, they were adamant that they had done "an excellent job" and it must be me! They actually insinuated that I had a "mental" problem because I expected to them to fix what they had screwed up. I have endured insults, emails from them (which I can prove), online persecution, etc. and all for the LOVE OF A DOLLAR. If your Doctor cannot look at you and admit that something is wrong with the way surgery went, shame on him for not taking his medical training seriously, and shame on him for hiding behind corporate skirts. He knows good and well if your surgery has gone wrong or not and this is his way of not taking care of you, the patient who has trusted in LSL. Here is one problem, the Dr. who did your surgery is no longer there. They do not make money on redo's that they have to do from other Dr.'s surgeries. I do wish you the best, but do not hold your breath. I quit posting here for a long time due to the fact that I was letting this LSL take my life over. Trying to warn other women on one site when they have a multi-million dollar advertising budget and many people, while a few of us die hards were trying desperately to warn the American Public. Well, I sort of gave up and I just look now and then. I still feel for women who fall for the false advertising and wind up scarred or worse. You still have your life, some women did not live through the surgery. True, some women have died from this surgery and complications like infections, MRSA,etc. I feel like many women would not consider this as a viable answer if they knew the total truth of the surgery, what and how it is performed, that the Operating Rooms are not sterile and that LSL is not held accountable to any overseeing agency, medical, governmental or otherwise. Again, good luck and I do hope that you get the answers you are seeking. Chrystal.
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Was helpful to hear someone else is seeing jaw droop too soon. I had LifeStyle Lift in Charleston, SC July 2013. I too am already seeing my jaw line drooping. Not happy about that.
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Thanks and sorry for you too. Please read my reply to Chrystal's comment. I'm sure I'm still being naive, but I hope to get a positive response. You never know.
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Good for you. Keep us posted on how it goes with "Corporate".
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