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Latisse definitely works, no question about it. My...

Latisse definitely works, no question about it. My lashes grew very long, no darker or thicker, but long. However, the product turned my eyelids very red and they would stay red for several days. I didn't like the way I looked all the time with red eyelids, so I discontinued the product. Besides that, no other side effects. I am now trying Idol Lash since it contains all natural ingredients and my eyes are no longer red. Also, be sure you use your own eyeliner brush to apply it.


I just started using Idol Lash yesterday. I will post my reviews on it after the appropriate time period.
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Well I hope it works well for you & I look forward to hearing. :)

Yeah, the discolored eyelids seems to be a somewhat common complaint. :-/ How long have you been using the Idol Lash? Would love to hear if it works for you or not.

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I used Latisse for 6 months and it definitely...

I used Latisse for 6 months and it definitely works, no question. However, I had the typical side effects of very red eyelids. When a friend asked me if I had been crying, I stopped using Latisse. I then purchased Idol Lash. I went w/o any product for 10 days at least. I never lost my lash length. Once I started using Idol Lash, I loved it. No side effects whatsoever. Idol Lash is not obtained by prescription and is very affordable. I honestly feel I received better results from Idol Lash than Latisse. My eyelashes appeared darker and fuller than with Latisse. Idol Lash is an all natural product. I will continue using it and am very happy with the results. I highly recommend it.


I got the red eyelids when I used the big, fat, clumsy brushes that come with Latisse, but now that I use my own brush which is very thin and pointy, the red eyelids is not a problem. I can see that very close to the lash line is red, but it's not noticeable because the brush I use is so thin.
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