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They Don't Include Enough Applicators - Houston, TX

I starting using the product 35 days ago and while...

I starting using the product 35 days ago and while I can say I have been pleased with the results I am MOST disappointed that they do not include enough applicators. I followed the directions and used 1 applicator per eye. I am out of applicators and still have more than a half a bottle of solution. I called product information inquiring about how I go about getting more. You can not get more anywhere. She suggest I through 1/2 bottle of $125 lotion away and get my prescription refilled. That just does not seem right. I have followed the directions to the T. So now I plan on using 1 applicator for both eyes. Just another drug company rip off!!!!!!!
To apply and to save product, just put one scant drop of the product into the bottle cap and use that one drop for both eyes. There is plenty in that capful. This can prolong the life of each bottle by 2-3 times. Also yes a professional eyeliner brush is much better to use / not sterile but keep it clean and don't share the applicator. I hope this is helpful.
Oh and I use the rest of the Latisse in the cap for my eyebrows and hairline areas.
I throw away the applicators, as they waste a great deal of product. I bought the finest paintbrush I could find in an art store. Of course I sterilized it, but you need only the barest amount along the lash line. after using Latisse for years, I only use it two or three times a week. A small bottle lasts me for months, just keep expiration dates in mind
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