Juvederm Lip Injections - 3 Days Later, I Look Like a Duck - Houston, TX

I had Juvederm done 3 days ago on my upper lip and...

I had Juvederm done 3 days ago on my upper lip and I look like a duck.... will it go down or was there too much put in there? Should I give it some more time for the swelling?

will the duck look go away on my upper lip after the juvederm was done... it looks bad


Hmmmm. My "duck" look and bruising only lasted a few days when I had it done.
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I had mine done almost two weeks ago. I had horrid bruising, looking like I had been beaten and swelled up badly. I still look like a duck somewhat and some of the bruising is still visable. I hope the duck look will go away but after two weeks am skeptical that it will. Am regretting having them done. I look weird!!!!
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I just had lip injections yesturday, today the swelling is much less than yesturday. Yesturday I looked and felt hideous. Today is better but still have that duck bill pout. Did yours get better eventually?
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