Help! I'm Selecting Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Houston. Any Recommendations - Houston, TX

I just started my search for a surgeon to do a...

I just started my search for a surgeon to do a Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty in Houston. I have already consulted with Dr. Kent Davis, who I really liked. Has anyone heard of him? He has very little reviews but they are all positive. He quoted me $7,650. I also have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Kridel in July, who I am iffy about because he is ridiculously expensive but I hear he is one of the best.

I have upcoming appts in June with Dr. Fred Bressler and Dr. Ragthu Athre. I like that these doctors are ENT doctors and specialize in Facial surgery. I do not want a surgeon that will work on breasts, ect.. I want someone who primarily does noses & face. Please give me feedback. I plan to make my decision by mid june and will post before & after pictures. Any feedback welcome..

Hi! I know this post is a little old, but was wondering how your rhino went? I had an appt with Dr. Athre and was really impressed - I'm thinking of going with him in June.
Ok, decision is made & deposit put down. My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Bressler for June 27th. He is my 2nd best choice after Kridel, who is ridiculously expensive. I'm nervous & excited but feel confident that with his background, reviews, and experience that he will do great! I'll post before & after pics soon.
Wow, I hope all goes well for you. I'm doing my homework of doctors and questions to ask for a consultation. Maybe I should look up Dr. Fred Bressler, as well? Thanks for posting. :-)
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